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Sushmita Sen Quashes Rumours Of Adopted Baby In THIS Instagram Post


January 13, 2022

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Sushmita Sen is known to be one of the finest actresses of B-Town. The actress has now gracefully ward off all the rumors that speculated that she has actually adopted a ‘Baby’. You will be surprised to know how the actress put an end to all the hoax

Sushmita Sen, on January 12, 2022, was spotted by the paps with her two daughters and a baby boy also with her. As a result, rumors started flourishing on the web that the actress has actually adopted a third child and the news came as a shock and surprise to many of her fans. It turns out the diva was her own way to put an end to the hoax that was polluting her name on social media.

Well! It turns out, Sushmita Sen, on January 13, 2022, put an end to all the rumors and false news by introducing the world to her ‘Godson’. Yes! You read that right. Sushmita Sen is a Fairy Godmother to her Godson, Amadeus. Not only did we meet cute and little munchkin, Amadeus, for the first time via Sushmita Sen’s Instagram story but also, false rumors about the Main Hoon Na actress’s so-called Adopted baby also come to an end.

Wow! Isn’t that like a graceful way to end rumors without having too much bad on your name? Yes! Sushmita Sen nailed it in her. Also, her story speaks how she is just having a casual conversation with her Godson Amadeus about the viral content on social media and all the random news that kids keep ranting about in their own baby language. Also, Amadeus’s expression says it all and how he loves having a conversation with her Godmother.

Also, the actress gave credit to Amadeus’s mother, Sreejaya for taking a candid click with her Godson and you won’t be able to stop gushing over the pic. We bet that you will surely stumble upon the actress and her pic. Sushmita Sen is known to share her world with her fans via her IG. The diva will make your heartbeat for her and it is impossible to not scroll over this B-Town beauty’s social media.

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