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Sriti Jha And Neha Marda Reveal Why They Would #ChooseToChallenge Societal Norms This Women’s Day

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March 5, 2021

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This Women’s Day, Sriti Jha and Neha Marda talk about the discrimination against women, the challenges faced by them, and the need to challenge societal norms in an exclusive interaction with ZEE5.

Kumkum Bhagya has been one of the leading shows of Zee Tv ever since its inception in 2014, but Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti isn’t that far behind either. Despite releasing only a few months ago in December 2020, it has garnered a lot of love and appreciation in such a short span of time. While the fans of both these shows love their on-screen leads, Pragya and Shubhra very dearly, they are often seen on the lookout for more off-screen content. This Women’s Day we got in touch with these leading ladies asking them how they would #ChooseToChallenge themselves and other women while how did they #BreakTheBarriers and empower themselves.

Watch what’s happening on Kumkum Bhagya:

A woman’s life is always filled with challenges, starting from her own family life as a girl and going up to her profession, married life and much more. This International Women’s Day that’s what we wish to address with the theme for 2021 being, #ChooseToChallenge. In accordance with this, Zee also introduced a campaign for Women’s Day 2021 with #BreakTheBarriers. In this campaign, we had an exclusive chat with some of the beautiful women at Zee and a few other women from completely different walks of life, on their experiences of dealing with society’s mindset. Let’s give you an insight into over conversation with Sriti Jha and Neha Marda.

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Sriti Jha aka Pragya

While talking about the barriers she faced in life, Sriti Jha started off this conversation on a light note by saying, “The only barrier seems to be me because I’m a lazy person.” As the conversation continued, she talked about the discrimination that women face which is a well-known fact. Talking about the discrimination and prejudice faced, especially by women who choose to go out and work, Sriti said, “All of us have to fight that discrimination and prejudices about how we should be… Just the fact that we have the right to make a choice becomes a fight for certain women.”


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Sriti also pointed out how so many women in the past have fought tooth and nail for our right to work, right to vote and much more. She also talked about how we shouldn’t just celebrate this revolution but also continue on this path and fight for the generations to come, “so that nobody becomes a barrier for them”.

The Kumkum Bhagya actress also mentioned regarding the revolution in the cinematic world and how earlier men used to play female parts because women weren’t allowed to go out and work, till the time someone rose their voice and fought for it. Sriti sounded grateful to the ones who fought for us while asking the current generations to fight for our future. “We have to continuously choose to break the barriers. There is nothing we cannot do. We have the right to equal opportunity,” said Sriti. She also added how women shouldn’t allow anyone to tell them what they can or cannot do.

While talking about the theme for this year’s Women’s Day, Sriti said, “I #ChooseToChallenge all my lovely women to do something that they otherwise thought they couldn’t do, and achieve it, and feel good about ourselves.”

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Neha Marda aka Shubhra

Neha was definitely in a no-nonsense mood as she jumped right into the topic by talking about what and who would she #ChooseToChallenge this Women’s Day. She said, “I would want to challenge the society norms.” Neha added that she wouldn’t just wanna challenge herself but the society as well, to get rid of the hidden prejudice against women, especially during arranged marriages.


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Recalling her own experience of going through the whole process of an arranged marriage, Neha talked about how even well-educated men from well-to-do families ask absurd questions to the woman. One of the questions that irked the actress was, “Whatever work Neha does right now, she would leave all of it after marriage right?” She reacted to this by saying that she wasn’t doing a shameful job, she was working as an actress and that’s a very prestigious job. “I completely disrespect this and challenge the society that you can’t ask such questions,” added Neha while asking people to be respectful towards a woman’s work.

Neha also addressed the underlying racial discrimination happening in the society, especially during arranged marriages, and how even a guy who isn’t that fair to start with, would want a slim fair girl for himself. The actress clearly expressed her disagreement on this notion as well. Further talking about arranged marriages, she also pointed out how people don’t mention dowry anymore, but indirectly try to build pressure on the girl’s family by saying things like, “You can give your girl whatever you wish with love, just make sure that our side of the guests are happy with the arrangements, and please think of our reputation as well.”

Apart from the things mentioned, Neha had a longer list of things she wishes to change in the society, but she chose to stick to this for now. She concluded by saying, “There is so much happening in the society, which only we women can stop.”

Watch Sriti and Neha in Kumkum Bhagya and Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti on ZEE5.

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