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#SpreadTheCheer: What gifts should Santa have given Kalyana Vaibhogam’s innocent Manga, arrogant Nithya and considerate Jai?

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December 26, 2020

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Christmas spirit is here and we would love to see what Santa would have gotten for our favourite TV characters from Kalyana Vaibhogam.

Christmas might be over but the spirit continues and we are all in a festive mood. While Santa has surely gotten us gifts, we would love to know what Santa would bring for the people of Kalyana Vaibhogam. So, here’s a list of what our favourite characters from the cunning Nithya to the sweet Manga, should have got this Christmas.

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1)  Jai

Jai has just gotten to know that his kids and wife that he misses so dearly are still alive and he is desperately searching for them. So this Christmas, we would have loved for Santa to get him Manga and the kids. While he’s already met Abhi and Divya, he still doesn’t know that they are his kids and we would love for that revelation to happen this festive season.

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2) Nithya

We don’t particularly love her for everything she did, but after everything, she is still Manga’s sister and we can’t hate her because she looks just like Manga. So this Christmas we would have loved for Santa to transform her heart so she becomes a better person and warms up towards her sister. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have her on the good side?

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3) Manga

Without any doubts, Manga is the heart of Kalyana Vaibhogam! She lives as Janaki at Chari’s house for rent and has forgotten that she is Manga. We would love for Santa to return her memory to her, so all her worries are washed away! She always seems extremely concerned because she doesn’t remember much and it would be amazing to see her truly happy.

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4) Abhi

While being fearless, he is also very mature for his age, which fascinates us every single time. At a very young age, he’s been riddled with a lot of problems. We would love to have Santa wash away his worries regarding Jai so he can live like a happy child. It would be amazing to see the fearless child actually be care-free for once!

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5) Divya

Divya loves Jai and is extremely fond of him but Abhi hates him, which holds her back every time. So we would love to have Santa strengthen the bond between Jai and Abhi so that she can meet him without any hesitance and also stay happy. She loves her brother but equally loves Jai and it’s unfair for a little child like her to have such a dilemma.

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