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Sibling Rivalry: Driven By Insecurities Or Love? Exploring The Siblings’ Chemistry In Crashh And The Power

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March 30, 2021

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Though the film and the show are different in terms of story and settings, the different-yet-interesting ‘siblings arc’ in both these plots have drawn our attention.

Sibling sagas have always been a ‘feel-good’ watch for the audience as it treats them with many beautiful and relatable moments. From getting them to relive their childhood or youth memories to make them realize the true worth of ‘family love and connections,’ these heartwarming stories have provided the audience with much-needed escapism and hence we are in love with the beauty of this genre. In a similar instance, ZEE5’s latest release Crashh is a modern-age sibling saga with a gut-wrenching storyline at its heart.

The newly released web show stands high on an interesting concept matching up to stellar performances. Though the story explores various other relevant themes, the spotlight on the sibling saga is something that makes it a heart-melting watch. Also, the chemistry between these on-screen siblings made us recall another sibling bond which we saw in Mahesh Manjrekar’s mob drama, The Power.

Though the film and the show are different in terms of story and setting, the different-yet-interesting ‘siblings arc’ in both these plots have drawn our attention. So here’s taking a look at what differentiates the chemistry between the Thakur and the Batra siblings.

The Thakurs: Separated By Power And Insecurities

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The clan of Thakurs rule the world of crime and have many rivals for their “good acts” in the big bad world. Living up to his principles, Kalidas gets under the radar of his enemies and is killed. His death not only creates chaos in the crime world but also changes many equations in the family as everyone aims to acquire power. The Thakur siblings are Ram (Jisshu Sengupta) and Devidas (Vidyut Jammwal) united by blood-ties and share a great bond with each other.

While the other family members including the Thakurs’ son-in-law Ranjit (Prateik Babbar) forges plans to take over the shady business of Thakurs, the brothers join hands to restrict his wrong doings. Though there comes a time when Ram and Devi get suspicious about each other, driven by their insecurities they try to create problems for each other, but eventually realize the chemistry of unbounded sibling love they share.

The Batras: Divided By Fate

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On the other hand, we have The Batras of Crashh, the four siblings separated by fate. Kabir (Kunj Anand) is on a quest to reunite with his missing brothers and sisters. The flashbacks from their childhood and their unknown connections in the present treat us with the inseparable bond these siblings share without being aware of the relationship they share. In the first season, we saw Kunj and Kaajal reunited, while the two others including Alia and Rahim are yet to find their real family.

Kabir and Kaajal’s brother-sister bond and the love they share for each other though they reunited after so many years gives us many moments to cherish. The Batra siblings are divided by fate but united by an immense love for each other. The inseparable chemistry and bounded with love is something that is very common between the Thakur and Batra siblings.

Well, it remains to be seen how the whole Batra family reunites in the second season.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting stories and content.



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