SC Likely To Pronounce Way Forward On Farmers’ Protests Today

Following yesterday’s session where the three-bench judge, including CJI Bobde expressed disappointment over the centre’s handling of the farmer protests, the judges are likely to ask for a committee to be formed to resolve the issue in today’s hearing

Raghav N

January 12, 2021

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With the intervention of the Supreme Court to resolve the deadlock between the centre and the farmers protesting for the revocation of the three agricultural laws, an order from the judges is expected today. While hearing the pleas of both the sides in yesterday’s session that went on for more than an hour, the bench expressed its disappointment to the government over the handling of the agitation by the community.

The judges trio, headed by Chief Justice of India Sharad Bobde questioned the Narendra Modi administration on the latter’s reservations to stay the implementation of the contentious reforms for the time being. The apex court further asked for a proper committee to be constituted to review the ordinance before it is established in an amicable way. The judicial body also berated the farmer representatives for failing to follow Coronavirus protocols including social distancing during its demonstrations. Maintaining that it wants no more bloodshed and violence, the bench asked for a proper procedure to be followed for the future.

According to sources, the complete revocation of the bills as demanded by the agriculturists looks unlikely to be approved by the senior judges in today afternoon’s session. However, what does look probable is holding back the imposition of the centre-formulated bills till a committee is formed to review the benefits and subsequently make the necessary amendments to the same.

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