Saturday Playlist: 5 songs that celebrate the pure love of Heer Ranjha

Heer Ranjha is an immortal duo that transcends all limitations and sets a new benchmark for love. Let’s celebrate their love with these melodies.


August 29, 2020


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Let’s kick-start the weekend by paying homage to an immortal lover duoZee Punjabi has already captivated the minds of viewers by its excellent retelling of Heer Ranjha. Amaninder Pal Singh and Sara Gurpal have made the immortal lovers, Ranjha and Heer, come alive. We have decided to dedicate a few songs to these immortal lovers. Check them out!

Before going ahead, listen to Raftaar’s Drama here:

1. Tum 

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Who else can celebrate the love of Heer Ranjha better than Laila Majnu? Ek aashiq hi dusre aashiq ko samaj sakta hai. This song Tum from the movie Laila Majnu captures the dewwangi and chaahat of Qais for Laila. Yeh gaana dekhte waqt aur sunte waqt, aapko kahi na kahi Qais main Ranjha ki jhalak zaroor dikhayi degi. The vocals of Atif Aslam take Ranjhas love to new heights.

2. Chan Kitthan 

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Shivangi Bhayana sings the traditional song Chan Kitthan so melodiously that it makes you feel like Heer is actually missing Ranjha. “Chan kitthan guzariyai raat ve, menda ji dalilaan de vaat ve.” In this song, a woman is asking the moon where her beloved is, as he has not returned home to her at night. This is a classic traditional song with several recreations. However, the basis of the song remains the same. Here, you can feel the worry of a lover and the incompleteness they feel without their other half.

3. Rangreza

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

This is another soulful melody which actually depicts the pain of being separated from your loved one. Rangreza is a beautiful song by Waqar Ehsin. While listening to it, you’ll quickly connect this song with Ranjha and his quest to meet his soulmate. Remember the scene when Ranjha roams around the streets of Jhang, just to see Heer for once? Bas ab suno yeh gaana.

4. Namm 

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

There are always good moments and rough moments in a relationship. Even Heer and Ranjha had few disagreements! This is where the song Namm by Anuj B comes in handy. This song celebrates love and heartbreak at the same time. Every relationship goes through a tough phase. But when you are determined to stay with your partner, that’s the victory of your love. Namm also depicts such a beautiful story that you will be bound to relate it with the fate of these immortal lovers.

5. Maahiya

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Jis gaane ke lyrics hi yehi ho, “Ranjhana ve..Ranjhana ve, aa bhi ja mere Ranjhana ve. Tere bin ek pal bhi kate na“… you know instantly where this song belongs. Maahiya by Singer Pulkit Rajvanshi has the most romantic lines, and the power to heal the pain of heartbreak.

So these are some songs we want to dedicate to our favourite couple, Heer Ranjha. How did you like our playlist? If there are any other songs you would like to dedicate to them, let us know in the comment section below.

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