Sathya Enna Penkutty: Is Sudhi going to be blackmailed with his and Divya’s pictures?

With Abhijit planning to blackmail Sudhi, what new turn will Sathya and Sudhi’s already strained marriage take? Read on to know.

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March 3, 2021


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Sathya and Sudhi have seen many ups and downs in their lives, and we’ve witnessed all of it on Sathya Enna Penkutty. But this time around, everything just seems to be going downhill for these two. With Divya’s re-entry and Abhijit’s ploys combined with Sujitha manipulation, this already feels like a losing battle for Sathya. Unaware of the web being woven around her, poor Sathya is seen trying her best to convince Sudhi of her innocence.

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In the recent episodes, we saw how Sudhi met Divya while claiming to be going on a client meeting. While Baiju followed Sudhi on Sujitha’s instructions, he couldn’t click a picture of the two lovebirds meeting due to the low battery of his mobile phone. However, the cunning Abhijit made sure to get some good pictures of Divya and Sudhi holding hands.

Abhijit from Sathya Enna Penkutty
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In the recent spoiler, we saw him sending that picture to Sudhi. Looking at Abhijit’s graph, he’s definitely planning something big. While we heard about some big business opportunities coming up, Abhijit might use this opportunity to distract Sudhi from the business deal so that he can acquire it for himself. He might also ask him for money in return for the photos, which obviously he won’t delete, even if he gets the money.

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As another possibility, Abhijit might send these pictures to Sathya as well, in an attempt to create tension between the couple, ensuring no mental peace for Sudhi. But if Sathya comes across these pictures and is made to believe that Sudhi still loves Divya and they want to be together despite the circumstances, she would most likely get out of their way. While Sathya and Divya never had an ideal sibling relationship, Sathya always lover her elder sister very dearly. This was pretty evident from the way she sacrificed her own love, Sudhi, for her sister’s happiness. There’s no guarantee she wouldn’t do the same this time.

Sathya and Divya from Sathya Enna Penkutty
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Meanwhile, if Sujitha gets a hold of these pictures, or somehow manages to get some new pictures clicked when Sudhi and Divya meet the next time, she would leave no stone unturned to turn everyone against Sathya. Lately, we saw how she has completely manipulated Radhika, because of which she was even seen trying to argue with Chandradas on how he is the one standing in the way of his son’s happiness. If Sujitha shows these pictures to Radhika and Chandradas, she could easily prove her point that Sudhi still loves Divya.

Radhika and Chandradas from Sathya Enna Penkutty
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With all the proofs being against Sathya, if the whole family turns against her, the day won’t be far when she’s forced to leave Sudhi. In fact, if Sathya is the one seeing those pictures first, she might herself leave Manimangalam for Sudhi and Divya’s happiness. Either way, this doesn’t seem like a happy ending for our Sathya and Sudhi.

To know more about how the blackmail drama unfolds on Sathya Enna Penkutty, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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