Sathya Enna Penkutty: Here’s why Chandradas is one of the best father characters ever

Here’s why we think Sudhi’s fun-loving father Chandradas makes for the best father character on screen.

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February 4, 2021


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Our favourite serial Sathya Enna Penkutty is rich with supporting characters who add to the beauty of the story. We all love watching Sathya and Sudhi, but if there’s one character they both love more than themselves, it will be Chandradas. Sudhi’s father Chandradas is fun to be around and he has proven it time and again. From accepting Sathya for who she was to showering unconditional love on his son, he enjoys being the bright light in people’s lives. Here is why we think Chandradas is one of the best father characters.

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Always up for fun

Despite being a busy and respected businessman, Chandradas is always up for fun. He is friendly at heart, and it is one of the reasons he instantly liked Sathya while others in his family condemned her silly actions. Chandradas proved that Sathya is fun to be around and brought out the best of her by providing her some much-needed comfort.

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An accepting heart

Chandradas hates pretending and is not shy to give his opinions out loud. However, even though he seems a bit harsh at times, Chandradas doesn’t judge anyone or their actions. He has a rich heart and is accepting of all decisions his son makes.

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Picking sides

Chandradas knows his authority in the family, even though he doesn’t force it. However, he doesn’t shy away from reminding people of their worth and virtues occasionally. He can often be seen flicking off Sujith and Baiju as he knows the crooked couple will be up to something wrong. Chandradas knows what side to pick and is not afraid to do so.

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Calm and patient

He dislikes most of the things happening in his household, but he is not quick to get angry. Chandradas has a great sense of understanding and he senses it when something is wrong. However, he travels to the extent of his calmness before reacting. Even when Sudhi’s mother was agitated by Sathya’s prank, Chandradas toned down his emotion and tried to reason it first.

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