Raqesh Bapat Opens Up About Being Called Sexist On A Reality Show; Splits Beans On His Relationship With Shamita Shetty

Raqesh Bapat says he is hurt after he was called a sexist on the controversial reality show. He also became vocal about his bond with co-contestant Shamita Shetty


October 2, 2021

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Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat are the contestants of the controversial show Bigg Boss which was released digitally. The show witnessed the love bond of them. They confessed their feelings in the show and said to continue the bond after the show. They have started dating and often get snapped when they step out for a date. In a recent interview with a leading news portal Raqesh opened up on his relationship with her and he also talked about his journey in the show.

When he was asked about associating himself with Shamita and their love angle in the show, he said that they both have a lot of experience in their professions and they don’t need anyone to float around. He went on to add if winning was his agenda he would have done that probably but winning was not his agenda and he was there only for the experience. Raqesh Bapat said that he have pure feelings for Shamita and it was completely from the heart. He also said that he is not that shallow to use someone.


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When we asked about his relationship with Shamita Shetty he said that they are great friends and they can talk to each other often. They are trying to get to know each other become they come to any relationship stages. Raqesh and Shamita like each other that they can say for sure, there is compatibility, but giving a name to the relationship is not something they are looking for right now.

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He also talked about the incident where he was termed sexist for a statement. He shared that it was completely out of context. Nishant and Pratik took it to a completely different level. He talked to Muskan about what is sexism according to her, and she said it was not about being sexist but about strength. It is basically about a certain amount of strength difference in men and women biologically. Raqesh said that he is raised by extremely powerful women in his family and he is not sexist. He said that he also runs an NGO for women empowerment. Bapat went on to add that he would never pass a remark about men being strong and women being weaker. He was upset and it was hurtful when Karan Johar said about that, concluded Raqesh Bapat.

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