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Rani Rashmoni 9 November, 2021 Written Update: Rudreshwar challenges Gadadhar


November 16, 2021

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Raghob gets a doctor to see Dwarika. The doctor gives him an injection to bring down his fever and make him conscious but warns that his depression could prove fatal. Later, Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali asks her to stop the injustice being done to Kumudini. When the lamps and the `yagna’ fire at Rudreshwar’s prayer site goes out, everyone is shocked. But Rudreshwar refuses to accept defeat and lights a camphor on the palm of his hand with his `mantra’. Gadadhar warns him that he will lose all his powers if he misuses them. But confident of abilities Rudreshwar tells Gadadhar he will light the lamps again with his powers and prove him wrong. This time however, his `mantras’ and rituals don’t work and the lamps don’t light up. Rudreshwar then challenges Gadadhar to light up the lamps.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, as Rudreshwar begins his Tantrik ritual of purifying Kumudini, Nagen feels happy that soon he will have her under his control. However, when Rudreshwar shows Kumudini Nagen’s image in his magic bowl and convinces her that her future lies with him, she refuses to believe him and starts screaming. Nevertheless, Rudreshwar continues with his ritual. Gadadhar reaches the spot in time and stops him. He tells Rudreshwar not to misuse his powers or he will lose it. Rudreshwar says he is blessed and challenges Gadadhar to test his power against his. Meanwhile, Dwarika’s condition keeps worsening, and no doctor can be found.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Raghob manages to get a doctor. The doctor examines an unconscious Dwarika and says his condition doesn’t look good. The doctor then gives Dwarika an injection to bring down his fever and says Dwarika has received a mental shock and if his depression is not addressed, it could prove fatal. Dwarika regains consciousness but keeps thinking of Kumudini.

Meanwhile, at the burning ghat, Rudreshwar says it will soon be proved whose power is greater his or Gadadhar’s. Gadadhar says he doesn’t consider himself powerful. He says he is just a servant of Ma Kali and has put himself at her feet. However, he believes that Ma Kali does not support injustice and will stop it.

He tells Ma Kali to stop the injustice that is going on and asks her to awaken and show her power. As he closes his eyes and calls out to Ma Kali, all the lamps at Rudreshwar’s prayer site go out. Rudreshwar and his followers are shocked to see that the lamps and even the ‘yagna’ fire are extinguished.

However, not to be beaten, Rudreshwar puts a piece of camphor on the palm of his hand and lights it up using his tantra powers. Gadadhar says he too knows how to use supernatural powers, but Ma Kali asked him not to use it. Gadadhar tells him that it’s wrong to use powers for evil purposes rather powers should be used for people’s good.

Rudreshwar tells Gadadhar he has no right to decide what is good or bad and says he was only using his powers to show Kumudini the right path and change her life. Gadadhar tells him if he feels Kumudini is on the wrong path why not allow Ma Kali to show her the way. Gadadhar tells him that if he misused his powers, Ma Kali will take his powers away.

Gadadhar’s words anger Rudreshwar and he stops him from taking Kumudini away. He tells Gadadhar to first prove that he has more power than him. He tells him that he can light up all the lamps again and performs his rituals. However, the lamps refuse to light up.

However, Rudreshwar refuses to let Gadadhar leave with Kumudini and challenges Gadadhar to light up the lamps.

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