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Rani Rashmoni 8 October 2021 Written Update: Ram Lala Eats up the `payesh’ offered to Radha-Krishna


October 8, 2021

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A little boy who called Ram Lala meets Gadadhar at the temple and hugs him. He then plays a prank and opens Haran Thakur’s `dhoti’. However, no one other than Gadadhar can see him and everyone including Sarada thinks Gadadhar has gobe crazy. Later at the Radha-Krishna temple the boy appears again before Gadadhar and eats up the `payesh’ offered to the lord as `bhog’. Everyone is surprised when they see the empty bowl.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni we see that Dwarika asks for everyone’s opinion while planning the family’s Durga Puja celebrations. Dwarika plans to call Rupmoti Bai for singing Geet Gobondo devotional songs. While discussing how he proposes to organise the puja, Dwarika finds that his and Kumudini’s photo is missing and suspects that it’s Kalo’s mother’s work. Meanwhile, Nagen gets hold of the photo and hopes to find something incriminating against Kumudini. Later, at the temple, a little boy hugs Gadadhar and says he is Ram Lala. But no one except Gadadhar can see him.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Ram Lala tugs at Haran Thakur’s `dhoti’ and open it. Haran Thakur criticizes Gadadhar for playing a prank on him. Gadadhar tells Haran Thakur that it was Ram Lala who opened his `dhoti’ and not him, but nobody believes him because no one else can see Ram Lala. Hriday feels his uncle Gadadhar is going crazy.

Soon the ascetic who had come with the idol of Ram Lala comes to Gadadhar and asks him if he has seen him. Gadadhar points in the direction of the boy but neither the ascetic nor Hriday, who is also present, see anyone. Gadadhar tells the ascetic about all the mischief that Ram Lala has been up to and goes to chase him.

As the boy disappears, the idol of Ram Lala appears mysteriously on the temple steps. The ascetic is glad to see the idol and tells Gadadhar that he should have told him that he had taken his idol. Only Hriday realizes that Gadadhar was speaking the truth as he had not noticed the idol on the steps before.

Gadadhar tells Sarada everything that Ram Lala did and how no one except him can see Ram Lala. He tells her how Ram Lala opened Haran Thakur’s dhoti, but everyone thinks it was he who did it. Sarada plans to send word to Dwarika to send a doctor to examine Gadadhar’s mental condition.

Nagen comes to the Kali temple with Dwarika and Kumudini’s photo and prays to Ma Kali to help him ruin their lives. Gadadhar overhears him saying that he wants to break up Dwarika and Kumudini’s relationship and asks him is he really thinks he can do that. He tells Nagen that Dwarika and Kumudini’s relationship is not a one-lifetime relationship but a bond of seven lifetimes.

Later, Gadadhar prays to Radha-Krishna and sings a kirtan with the `sadaks’. After the puja, Gadadhar sees the same little boy who called himself Ram Lala holding the bowl of `suji payesh’ that was offered to Lord Krishna as `bhog’.

Gadadhar runs behind him and tells him to put the bowl down. But the little boy keeps running all over the place and everyone including Sarada thinks Gadadhar has gone crazy. While Bodon Thakur restrains Gadadhar, the priest at the Radha-Krishna temple finds that the bowl is indeed missing.

Gadadhar then sees the little boy eat up all the `payesh’ that was offered to Radha-Krishna. Bodon Thakur tells Gadadhar to calm down. But suddenly everyone notices the empty bowl on the floor.

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