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Rani Rashmoni 5 October 2021 Written Update: Ram Lala Comes to Dakshineswar Temple


October 8, 2021

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When Gadadhar expressed his desire to experience maternal love towards a deity, Ma Kali blessed him that he will soon experience it. Next day, an ascetic comes with an idol of Ram Lala to Gadadhar and says he wants milk for his child Ram Lala. Gadadhar is surprised to see him treat his idol of Ram Lala like a living child. Later, the idol of Ram Lala drinks up all the milk offered to him when Gadadhar affectionately requests him to drink it. Everyone is amazed to see this miracle. Ram Lala then refuses to leave the temple and Gadadhar asks the ascetic to stay there.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Ramchandra gets Nagen to the temple to appease him. Dwarika gets upset when he sees Nagen, but Ganesh takes him aside and averts a confrontation. Nagen’s employee Hirod sees Padma in the temple and asks Nagen if he should ask Kalo’s mother to convince Padma to employ her at their home. Nagen feels it is a good idea. Kalo’s mother convinces Padma to take her to her Janbazzar home. Nagen hopes to get hold of Kumudini’s photo soon. Later, when Padma tells Jagadamba that she has employed Kalo’s mother, Jagadamba gets upset.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Gadadhar is restless and wonders when he will experience the maternal form of devotion that Ma Kali said he would be able to.

Suddenly an ascetic comes to the temple with an idol of Ram Lala and asks Gadadhar if he can get milk for Ram Lala as he has not eaten for a long time. Gadadhar asks him who he is, the ascetic says he is Ram Lala’s father as well as his mother. When Gadadhar asks him if he worries about his Ram Lala as a mother would for her child, the ascetic says he does.

Hriday tells him to wait at the temple while he arranges for milk. The man says he was worried as his Ram Lala was very hungry but feels he has come to the right place now.

Gadadhar feels Ma Kali has sent the ascetic to him to teach him how to worship God in a maternal way. Sarada wonders if one can feel maternal love without holding a child in one’s arms.

Sitting on the temple steps the ascetic pats Ram Lala’s idol affectionately and tells him that the milk will come soon. Haran Thakur feels the ascetic is crazy and is behaving as if Ram Lala is a living child. He wonders who allowed him into the temple. When Gadadhar comes and asks the ascetic if he got what he asked for, Haran Thakur realizes that Gadadhar got this ascetic into the temple.

Hriday soon brings the milk for Ram Lala and the ascetic mollycoddles the idol and requests him to drink the milk. However, the idol does not drink the milk. The man tells him that he gets extremely restless when Ram Lala does not eat and says that he worships Ram Lala as a mother and father would. Gadadhar finds his devotion beautiful.

Bishtucharan suggests maybe he should get something else for Ram Lala as perhaps Ram Lala doesn’t want to drink milk. Hriday asks him to keep quiet before the ascetic gets offended. The ascetic says he never feels anger because Ram Lala’s child-like love surrounds him and fills up his heart.

Later, Gadadhar requests Ram Lala to drink up the milk and to everyone’s surprise, the idol starts drinking the milk from the bowl. Everyone is surprised by the miracle that unfolds before their eyes and hail Ram Lala.

When the ascetic goes to leave the temple and tries to pick up Ram Lala’s idol, the idol refuses to budge. Gadadhar asks the ascetic to stay back, but Haran Thakur objects. Gadadhar tells him that if the Lord himself wants to stay here, who can dare to stop him. The ascetic tells Ram Lala that they will stay there for the night and promptly the idol comes onto his lap.

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