Rani Rashmoni 4 November 2020 Written Update: The Goddess returns to the temple

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November 5, 2020


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In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, even though Badan Thakur holds Gadadhar responsible for the disappearance of the idol of the goddess, Mathur asks everyone to have faith in Gadadhar. Later, Gadadhar decides to finish himself when he doesn’t find the goddess anywhere.

Watch what will happen next on Rani Rashmoni:

In this episode of Rani Rashmoni, while sitting on the footsteps of the temple, Gadadhar feels restless. He sings a devotional song for the Goddess. He also says that no one will address her as ‘Ma’ henceforth. He feels pained thinking about the vacant sanctum.

When a sad Gaadhar opens the door of the temple, he finds the idols of Goddess Durga with her children in the place of Goddess Bhabatarini. Gadadhar sees a young Goddess Durga in front of him. The Goddess says that she wants to be worshipped by him. When Gadadhar asks the young girl about Goddess Bhabatarini, a holy light emits from her and she transforms into the goddess Bhabatarini.

The Goddess asks Gadadhar to open his eyes to see the transformation of ‘Shakti’. Gadadhar feels elated to find the goddess in front of him. She again transforms into a young Goddess Durga. Gadadhar says he now realises that both the goddesses are the same.

Gadadhar apologises to her for forgetting the that Goddess Bhabatarini is a form of ‘Shakti’. He worships Goddess Durga and touches her feet. Meanwhile, the priest asks Padma about Rani. When Kamala sees Bhupal, she enquires about Mathur. Later, Padma asks the priest to start the Sandhi Puja.

When Kamala feels weak, Raghab asks Peshonno to take Padma to the room to take rest. Meanwhile, Goddess Bhabatarini appears in front of Gadadhar and asks him to attend the Sandhi Puja. She tells him the story of ‘Adishakti’. The goddess says she has returned to the temple.

Gadadhar gets ready to leave for the pandal to offer his prayers and worship Goddess Durga at the Marh house.

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