Rani Rashmoni 21 October 2021 Written Update: Dwarika and Trilokya fight over Gadadhar’s `sadhana’ in the maternal form

Gadadhar performs Maa Durga’s Sandhi Puja aarti dressed as a woman. After the `aarti’ Dwarika and Trilokya have a fight about Gadadhar’s attire. Trilokya tells Dwarika to stop Gadadhar from doing such `sadhanas’ in future. Gadadhar tells him that it is not their place to judge a great `sadhak’ like Gadadhar and tells Trilokya to refrain from interfering in the temple’s affairs. Padma feels bad seeing the brothers fighting and speaks of their childhood days when they wore matching clothes. Hearing this, Kumudini gets an idea. She decides to crease the shirt sleeves of all the brothers with the gila fruit’s seeds so that the clothes match. She tells Dwarika not to fight with his brother over Gadadhar but also asks him to ensure Gadadhar is not thrown out of his house.


October 23, 2021

Rani Rashmoni

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In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Gadadhar thanks Ma Kali for allowing him to experience the joy a mother feels and tells Ma Kali to allow him to pray to her in his maternal form before he ends his `sadhana’. She grants him his wish. Later, Gadadhar goes to Janbazzar to perform Maa Durga’s Sandhi Puja dressed as a woman and fulfil his wish. Though Trilokya objects, Dwarika tells him to go ahead and perform the puja.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Gadadhar performs Ma Durga’s `aarti; as the goddesses’ `sakhi’ or friend and worships her in many forms. After Gadadhar finishes his `aarti’ Raghob tells Dwarika that they must take him back to the temple before people start raising objections. Raghob tells him that not everyone comprehends Gadadhar’s divinity and are criticizing him. He says that rather than arguing with them, it is better to steer clear of controversies. Dwarika says he feels bad that Trilokya feels this way despite being his brother and Mathur’s son.

While Dwarika is arguing in favour of Gadadhar, Trilokya and Padma walk in. Trilokya overhears Dwarika and says that no one at the temple can accept Gadadhar’s madness anymore. He says that the atmosphere of the temple is being vitiated by Gadadhar, who moves around dressed up as a woman. Trilokya tells Dwarika to put an embargo on Gadadhar from doing this kind of `sadhana’ in the future.

Trilokya tells him that talk of Gadadhar doing the `Sandhi Puja’ dressed up as a woman will spread like wildfire across town and raise eyebrows among the Brahmin fraternity. He says respected people who had come for the puja left suddenly after Gadadhar started praying and it is obvious that they did not appreciate his feminine attire. He says it won’t be long before Nagen finds out and starts tarnishing the family’s reputation.

Dwarika asks Trilokya to stay out of the Dakhineswar temple’s affairs from now on. An upset Trilokya says he will not enter the temple anymore. Padma tries to stop Dwarika and Trilokya’s fight by reminding Dwarika that it was he who had inducted Trilokya to manage the affairs of the temple. But Dwarika refuses to listen and walks off.

Annada, Kamala and Kumudini walk in while Dwarika is leaving. Padma tells them about the fight between Dwarika and Trilokya regarding Gadadhar’s feminine attire. She tells them that when Dwarika, Ganesh and Trilokya were small, they would all wear matching clothes on Navami and go to the podium but today they are fighting with each other during the Durga Puja.

When Annada laments that it’s too late to get matching clothes for the brothers, Kumudini gets an idea. She tells Annada and Kamala to get her the `Panjabis’ the brothers plan to wear the next day i.e. on Navami. Kumudini says she will get some gila fruits and use the fruits to crease the sleeves of their ‘Panjabi’s. With the creased sleeves, their clothes will look similar, just like they did during their childhood.

Annada wonders how Kumudini knows to do these things and Kumudini says she learned it at Shonaberi. She then realizes her slip and changes the subject. Kumudini says she learned how to do ‘gile’ work from a laundryman. Kumudini decides she must tell Dwarika everything once the puja is over.

At night Kumudini irons all the ‘Panjabis’ of the brothers and creases the sleeves with the ‘gila’ fruit’s seeds. Dwarika wakes up and sees Kumudini ironing and creasing the sleeves of everyone’s dress and asks her why she is doing it. When Kumudini tells him that Padma said they wore similar clothes during the puja. Dwarika tells her that his grandmother Rani Rashmoni always had matching clothes specially made for them for the puja.

Kumudini then shouts at Dwarika for yelling at his brother. Dwarika tells her he got angry with Trilokya for not respecting Gadadhar. Kumudini tells him that Trilokya does respect Gadadhar. It’s just that he does not recognize his greatness. She tells Dwarika that one day the whole world will recognize what a great soul he is. She then tells Dwarika to just ensure that Gadadhar does not lose his house at the temple. Dwarika asks Kumudini to tell him who is trying to evict Gadadhar.

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