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Rani Rashmoni 12 October 2021 Written Update: Dwarika is sure Rupmati Bai is at Nagen’s house


October 13, 2021

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Nagen offers Rupmati Bai alcohol, but she refuses to drink and says she is not a courtesan singer and sings only devotional songs. When she begins her song, and her narration of Radha-Krishna’s story, Nagen’s guests get upset. Rupmati Bai hears Nagen’s name, realizes that he is not Dwarika, and wants to leave. However, Nagen’s men hold her captive. Nagen’s friends then go to Janbazzar to humiliate Dwarika’s family. But Ganesh recognizes them and tells Dwarika. Trilokya then tells Dwarika that his men saw a palanquin enter Nagen’s house at night. Dwarika is sure that Rupmati Bai is at Nagen’s place.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Ram Lala follows Gadadhar around and plays a prank on Haran Thakur by pulling his hair. The ascetic who calls himself Ram Lala’s father comes looking for him and finds the idol on Gadadhar’s lap. But when he picks up the idol, the idol jumps back into Gadadhar’s lap. Ram Lala then hugs Gadadhar tightly and tears of joy flow from Gadadhar’s eyes. Meanwhile, at Janbazzar, Dwarika gets the news someone posed as a member of his family and took Rupmati Bai’s palanquin elsewhere. Jagadamba tells Dwarika to send their guards everywhere to find out about Rupmati. Meanwhile, Nagen calls Rupmati Bai to sing before his guests.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Nagen is pleased about the humiliation that Dwarika will have to face when he cannot present Rupmati Bai. Nagen offers Rupmati Bai alcohol, but she tells him she does not drink and does not sing the kind of songs courtesans do. She tells him and his friends that she speaks of Radha and Krishna’s love story and sings devotional songs in Sanskrit.

She begins her song, and her narration of Radha-Krishna’s story and Nagen’s guests are extremely displeased. One of them mentions that it would be better if they called another courtesan singer and dancer.

Rupmati hears Nagen’s name mentioned by his friends and says she was under the impression that he was Dwarikanath Biswas. She asks her musicians to pack up and leave with her.

Nagen says she cannot leave as he has given her money for her performance. She offers to return the money, but Nagen says she must stay the night at his house. Nagen’s men take her away forcefully. Nagen then tells his friend Braj Kishor to go to Dwarika’s house and humiliate him by insisting on hearing Rupmati Bai’s songs.

At Janbazzar the invitees start coming and Ramchandra and Ganesh start offering them food and drinks and making small talk with them. However, they say they have come to hear Rupmati’s `Geet Govindam’ and ask when the performance will begin.

Nagen’s friends come there and start telling Dwarika’s other guests that they too had come to hear Rupmati Bai. However, they heard that Rupmati Bai couldn’t come to Janbazzar.

When Nagen’s friends malign Janbazar’s reputation and are about to leave, Jagadamba tells the guests that they cannot go anywhere unless they want to insult Ran’s legacy. She tells them to wait while she arranges for their entertainment.

Ganesh recognises one of them called Braj Kishor and tells Dwarika that he is Nagen’s close friend and does not listen to religious songs. Trilokya then informs Dwarika that his guards saw a palanquin enter Nagen’s house at night. Dwarika is certain Rupmati Bai is at Nagen’s house.

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