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Rani Rashmoni 11 October 2021 Written Update: Dwarika finds out that someone else picked up Rupmati Bai


October 13, 2021

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Rupmati Bai is picked up by Nagen and his men and taken to his house. Rupmati Bai thinks Nagen is Dwarika. Meanwhile, everyone at Janbazzar is wondering where Rupmati Bai is. They wonder whether they will find Rupmati Bai before the evening function in their house for which prominent guests have been invited. Meanwhile, Nagen plans to make her sing in his house before his guests who are eager to see a raunchy song and dance. Rupmati Bai tells him she does not perform this sort of song and dance.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Nagen Choudhury intercepts Rupmati Bai’s palanquin with his men. He poses as Dwarika and takes her to his house. He plans to keep her in his house and send his men to Dwarika’s house and say they want to hear her sing. He feels Dwarika’s reputation will be ruined when he cannot present Rupmati Bai before them. Rupmati Bai mistakes him to be Dwarika and accompanies him to his house. Meanwhile, everyone at Janbazzar gets worried when Rupmati Bai does not turn up.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that the ascetic comes looking for Ram Lala in the temple and asks Hriday if Gadadhar knows where his Ram Lala is. Gadadhar comes to the temple and is followed by Ram Lala.

Haran Thakur asks Gadadhar if he has seen ram Lala and Gadadhar points out to the little boy who is walking with him, but no one can see him other than Gadadhar. Gadadhar tells the ascetic that Ram Lala went with him to bathe in the Ganga too and troubled him a lot and as a result he too got delayed.

Gadadhar talks to Ram Lala and asks him to come close, but Ram Lala keeps running around. Ram Lala then pulls Haran Thakur’s hair and Haran Thakur gets angry at Gadadhar thinking he has done it. Gadadhar tells the ascetic to discipline Ram Lala.

The ascetic sees Ram Lala’s idol on Gadadhar’s lap and goes to pick him up, but Ram Lala’s idol again goes to Gadhadhar’s lap. Ram Lala then hugs Gadadhar tightly. Tears of joy flow from Gadadhar’s eyes, and he feels his heart melt.

At the Janbazzar house, the `Kala Bou’ is brought and placed next to Lord Ganesh’s idol after giving the `Kala Bou’ worshipped as Lord Ganesh’s bride a ceremonial bath.

Meanwhile, Trilokya wonders when Dwarika will come and worries about what will happen in the evening when the guests arrive to hear Rupmati Bai sing. Just then, Dwarika returns with the news that Rupmati Bai did come to the ghat but was picked up by some people who said they are from Janbazzar.

Raghob says he waited at Babughat and no boat arrived there. Dwarika says the boat did not go to Babughat but to another ghat. Someone picked her up from there in a palanquin and said they are from Janbazzar although no other palanquin was sent from Janbazzar.

Ganesh says it means only one thing, that Rupmati Bai was tricked by someone who posed as a member of their family. Ganesh wonders who could have done this. Raghob worries about what will happen in the evening when their esteemed guests arrive. He hopes they will be able to save their face.

When Ramchandra says that their family’s reputation will be destroyed, Padma blames Kumudini for everything and calls her unlucky. Jagamba comes to Kumudini’s rescue.

However, she tells Dwarika that the family’s reputation will be tarnished if Rupmati Bai does not come by evening and perform at the function organized by the family. Besides she tells Dwarika that since Rupmati Bai is their guest, it is their responsibility to ensure her safety. Jagadamba asks Dwarika to send stick-wielding guards everywhere to find out where she is. She says come what may, Rupmati Bai will sing at their home. Dwarika says he will find out where she is.

At Nagen’s house, Rupmati Bai is called by Nagen to sing for his guests who want to see a raunchy song and dance performance. However, Rupmati Bai makes it clear that she does not do that sort of thing.

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