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Prema Entha Madhuram 30 June 2022 Upcoming Story: Ragasudha falls in Arya’s trap


July 1, 2022

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Ragasudha is shocked to see the video of her stealing the property documents from Rajandini’s room. Arya’s lawyer provokes her into confessing her past crime.

In the next episode, Ragasudha gets shocked as Arya’s lawyer plays a video of her stealing the property documents from Rajanandini’s room behind Anu’s back. Arya’s lawyer then accuses her of stabbing Rajanandini to death in the past just as she tried to stab Anu because of her greed for money. Ragasudha denies it while Arya’s lawyer continuously accuses her of stabbing Rajanandini. With Anu by his side, Arya waits patiently for his plan to work out. As Arya’s lawyer keeps provoking Ragasudha, who denies stabbing Rajanandini and ends up confessing that she pushed her off the balcony.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Ragasudha and her lawyer presented the property documents in the court and tried to prove Arya guilty of killing Rajanandini. Anu’s testimony was proven invalid and Arya was at a great disadvantage, but the judge took Arya’s good deeds into consideration and gave him 24 hours time to prove that the properties belong to him. When the colony residents started protesting outside the police station, Arya urged them to have faith in law and convinced them to stop their protest. While a guilt-ridden Anu confided in Arya that she is ashamed of her actions, Arya shared another plan and entrusted her with the responsibility of finding evidence to win the case. As per Arya’s plan, Anu got Sheela to dress up in Ragasudha’s sari and instructed Mansi to record a video while they reenact the situation of Ragasudha stealing the documents.


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