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Prema Entha Madhuram 02 June 2023 Upcoming Story: Arya finds a clue about Anu

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June 1, 2023

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Arya, Jende and Neeraj visit all the hospitals in Patancheru hoping that Anu might show up. When Anu goes to one of the hospitals, Jende learns about it and informs Arya.

In the next episode, Arya instructs Jende and Neeraj to list out all the children’s hospitals in Patancheru and give out Anu’s details to everyone there. Arya feels confident that Anu might visit any one of those hospitals for the babies’ general check-ups or vaccination. Jende and Neeraj get to work, while Arya continues to search for Anu. Meanwhile, Anu returns to the old woman’s house in a hurry as her daughter falls sick. The old woman tells Anu that her baby’s fever is not going down despite doing everything to treat her. Anu and the old woman take the babies to a hospital, where a doctor recognises Anu and informs Jende about it. Jende then calls Arya to tell him that Anu is at Vandana Children’s Hospital, making Arya feel hopeful as he heads to the place to find her.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Mansi got a woman to disguise as Jogamma and made Anu believe that Arya will fall in danger due to their children. Anu then escaped from the hospital with her babies before Arya and the family members could see them. Arya and the others searched everywhere for Anu but to no avail. Arya was left heartbroken about Anu abandoning him and had an emotional breakdown, while Mansi rejoiced over the success of her plan. The temple committee members invited Arya’s family to perform a puja to inaugurate the ‘dhwajasthambam’. The next day, Arya’s family went to the temple and prayed for Anu’s return. Anu ended up going to the temple with her babies and the old woman. As Arya was asked to bring his wife for the puja, he found himself in a dilemma. Arya then asked the old woman to hand him the baby for some time and ended up performing the puja with his own daughter, which made Anu emotional.


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