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Poovey Poochoodava: Is Starting Afresh A Good Idea For Shiva And Shakthi?

Bhavna Gandikota

April 25, 2021

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Poovey Poochoodava’s Shiva and Shakthi have managed to get Pugazh back, but will running away with him be a good idea?

Poovey Poochoodava‘s Pugazh’s misery comes to an end as Shiva brings him back home. As Sahul comes searching for Pugazh, we see that he is with Shiva and Shakthi having the time of his life by the beach. Are Shiva and Shakthi considering starting a new life and running away with Pugazh? Here’s how we think it will go down!

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Poovey Poochoodava right here!

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Pugazh’s safety

Pugazh had tried to run away from Sahul’s place, several times. For a child to do this, it can become dangerous very quickly. He could have gotten kidnapped or trafficked if he would have been noticed by some wrong people. Being back with Shakthi and Shiva means that he is the happiest he could be and also safe at the same time.

Why it is a good idea?

Pugazh was miserable without his parents, and there was no way that he would get used to living with Sushma and Sahul. He had even stopped eating and had tried to run away. If this would have continued for long, his health, both mentally and physically, could have taken a toll. Moreover, Shakthi has raised him all his life and it is unfair for someone to take him away from her. Starting a new life might make sure this never happens.

Shiva, Shakthi and Pugazh in Poovey Poochoodava
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Why it might be a bad idea?

While starting a new life might make sure that Sahul catches hold of Pugazh again, but this is not guaranteed since Sahul will try his best to get Pugazh. We also know that Sahul is extremely influential and knows how and when to pull his strings to get a job done. Shiva and Shakthi will have to go somewhere that even Sahul can’t think of because if he finds them, they might be imprisoned for life.

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