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Poovey Poochoodava: If Sushma Finds Out That Shakthi Is Shakira, Here’s What Could Happen

Bhavna Gandikota

May 6, 2021

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There is a chance that Poovey Poochoodava’s Sushma has learnt about Shkathi’s disguise, and if she has, then what is next?

Poovey Poochoodava‘s Shakthi has now disguised and changed her identity to Shakira to be hired as a house help at Sushma’s house. However, she forgot to hide her Mangalsutra and there is a chance that Sushma has spotted this. If Sushma were to learn the truth and find out that Shakthi has infiltrated her house to be with Pugazh, what could go down this time?

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A restraining order against them

It seems like Sushma and Sahul have had enough of keeping Shiva and Shakthi away from Pugazh. From trying to kidnap Pugazh to actually forging their identity and entering their house, the duo has tried everything that was possible. While we sympathise with Shiva and Shakthi, there is a possibility that Sushma and Sahul have run out of patience. They are law-abiding citizens, so they might resort to seeking help from the law enforcement authorities and get a restraining order against Shiva and Shakthi.

They might leave for Malaysia

If they don’t think that a restraining order will be helpful, they might consider leaving the country so they can get rid of Shiva and Shakthi forever. They had plans of leaving for Malaysia earlier, and they might want to consider it once again. It seems like the only other viable option that is realistic.

Shakthi as Shakira in Poovey Poochoodava
Source: ZEE5

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Is compromise a possibility?

It doesn’t have to be ugly if the two couples are willing to have an agreement for Pugazh’s sake. We understand that it is difficult for both Sushma and Sahul to live without their son after knowing that he is alive, and equally difficult for Shiva and Shakthi to give up their son. They could have an arrangement where Pugazh experiences the best of both worlds, and they all live together in harmony.

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