Pookalam Varavayi: What could Sharmila do next, now that Samyuktha and Ashokan are out of her way?

Sharmila’s evil plans have led to Samyuktha, Ashokan and Harshan being taken out of her way, as she plans to attack Abhimanyu.

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February 15, 2021


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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw things turning upside down for Sharmila as Samyuktha is brought out of jail by advocate Dhamayanthi. What was Sharmila and Saudamini’s master plan, seemed to go sideways. However, we all know how ruthless and cunning her evil mind is, to let go of such a great opportunity. She was on the backfoot when Ashokan and Samyuktha teamed up against her, but now that they are out of her way, she might have an alternate plan or two cooking up.

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Even though Samyuktha is bailed out, Ashokan remains in jail, at least for a while. This means that Samyuktha’s support is cut down by two. However smart or strong she is, Samyuktha fighting alone against Sharmila could prove costly. As of now, all she can do is to rush back and look after Abhimanyu till he regains consciousness and, in the meanwhile, consider options to deal with Ashokan’s situation.

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Harshan is now taken hostage by Sharmila’s goons. Her ruthless action of hiding her own son from the family, shows her will to go to any extent for the win. Harshan was probably the only person who could help Samyuktha in such a situation and now he’s gone too. Sharmila’s plan which seemed to sidetrack might come alive again if she somehow manages to get to Abhimanyu.

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Now, Sharmila has a couple of ways to go about from here. With only Samyuktha in the hospital, Sharmila could directly send her goons to the hospital and take out Abhimanyu, who is fighting for his life in the ICU. As easy as it seems, the only obstacle she’ll need to consider is handling Samyuktha. In another scenario, Sharmila could further use the police to press charges against Sapthathi and Samyuktha claiming a stronger connection to the case.

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One of the only problems, that currently remains for Sharmila is Sapthathi’s presence in the house. Unaware of the big picture yet, it could be dangerous if she comes to know about Sharmila’s doings. If Sharmila thinks the same way, it’s not long until we see an attack on Sapthathi, either from her goons or the bribed police officer. We will have to wait and watch what she does next.

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