Pookalam Varavayi 19 December Written Update: Harshan to consummate his marriage with Saptathi

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December 18, 2020


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In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Saudamini spots Samyuktha eating ‘Biryani’. Meanwhile, Parvathy decides to donate her kidney for money. Later, Saudamini reveals the truth about Samyuktha’s new avatar before Sharmila.

Watch what will happen next on Pookalam Varavayi

In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Harshan plans to consummate his marriage with Saptathi. He decorates the room with flowers and shares a romantic moment with Saptathi. Harshan asks Saptathi to accompany him downstairs. They find Samyuktha and give the remaining flowers to her. Samyuktha is amazed by Harshan’s actions. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu approaches them and asks Harshan why he is carrying flowers. Harshan advises Abhimanyu and gives him tips to improve his love life. Abhimanyu shouts at Harshan. Harshan gives the flowers to Saptathi and leaves. Saptathi scolds Harshan and tells him that he shouldn’t have irritated Abhimanyu. Meanwhile, Saudamini shares the happenings at the house with Sharmila. Sharmila assures her that nothing will happen without her knowledge. Later, Sharmila and Saudamini spot Samyuktha in a joyous mood. When Samyuktha goes to her room, she spots Abhi playing with the flowers on their bed.

Samyuktha approaches him. Abhimanyu looks lovingly at Samyuktha and offers her some water. Samyuktha drinks the whole glass of water while Abhimanyu waits to drink half of it.  Abhimanyu keeps staring at Samyuktha. Samyuktha realises that Abhimanyu has fallen for her but refuses to give him any notice. She sleeps on the floor as usual. Abhimanyu throws a rose at Samyuktha and pretends to sleep. Samyuktha acts amused and goes back to sleep. Abhimanyu thinks that Samyuktha is asleep and pours his heart out to her. He tells her that he loves her and thanks her for changing his life with her love. Samyuktha opens her eyes startling Abhimanyu. Samyuktha tells Abhimanyu that she had a dream of him confessing his love to her. Meanwhile, Harshan shares his feelings with Saptathi. Saudamini overhears their conversation.

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