PM Modi: Need To Be Prepared With ‘Made In India’ Vaccines Owing To Increasing Demand

After multiple countries across the world demand the Indian vaccine for COVID-19 prevention, PM Modi says that the country needs to up its preparations for future demands.

Vatsal Thakore

February 23, 2021

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After the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and brought it to its knees, all the countries got into making a vaccine for preventing the viral infection. At the beginning of the new year, the COVID vaccine made in India, COVAXIN, began its mass production and the maximum people who took its doses showed effective results. Due to this, many countries requested India to supply COVAXIN to their people.

Produced by the pharma company, Bharat Biotech, COVAXIN proved to be an effective prevention measure against the deadly virus. After this successful result, about 25 countries across the world are set to receive the Indian vaccine, including Oman, South Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka, etc.

Following this, a major part of India’s annual budget was given to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. About this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a speech, “The amount of budget that has been allocated to the Health Ministry this year is phenomenal. This is in order to ensure that we are ready to provide better healthcare to the people of our country. Coronavirus has taught us that we have to be prepared for a sudden pandemic not only in the current times but also for any such situation that can come in the future. And hence, it is necessary to strengthen all the factors related to the health sector.”

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Talking about the current state of the Indian health sector in the world, the Prime Minister said, “Today, in the whole world, the prestige and the belief for India’s health sector has reached a new height. Keeping in mind this belief that the world has in us, we have to make better preparations (for the health sector). In near future, the demand for Indian doctors may also increase because of this belief. The demand for Indian medical and paramedical staff will see an increase. In such a scenario, the medicines and vaccines produced in India have also reached higher levels, and since this will increase their demands, we need to be prepared.”

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