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Pahile Na Me Tula: Reasons Why Samar’s Plan To Get Manasi Divorced Could Fail Big Time!

Tanvi Rumale

May 27, 2021

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Samar might not have the most solid plan and might not be successful in getting Manasi and Aniket divorced on Pahile Na Me Tula!

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samar has always been a man with a plan. No matter what the situation, he remains cool and his mind is always switching gears and working way ahead of others. When he found out about Manasi’s secret wedding, he was shocked and angry for sure, but he did not accept defeat and actually still tried to manipulate Manasi and her loved ones too! This is an important incident that took place a couple of episodes back. Rajan who had found about about the truth was ashamed and disappointed with Manasi and he decided to end his life. He locked himself up in a room and tried to hang himself from the fan. He would not listen to anyone’s pleas until Samar walked in and calmly talked him out of it. One of the main things Samar said was that Manasi will promise to leave Aniket if that’s what he wants, but only if he comes out of the room. In a moment of separation and panic, Manasi agreed to do this that was the trap!

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Samar held onto that promise of Manasi’s and on the day of her puja, he attended it and gifted her divorce papers and also reminded her of the incident. While we think this is a great move, three things on the show could get in the way of his plan and deem it unsuccessful!

A changed Aniket

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Back when Aniket and Manasi were just lovers and Aniket saw Samar interacting with Manasi and caring for her, he had called Samar a “Devmanus.” He respected him and was glad that Manasi had someone so nice who she worked under. Even times when Samar insulted Aniket, the latter never thought of it rudely or held a grudge against him but thought that he was actually right in his place. But in the latest episode, when it has come down to divorce, Aniket has finally realised that Samar has no place to do what he has done. He is just a family friend of sorts and has no right to interfere in family matters. He has boldly even talked back once or twice to Samar on the show recently and we think that he will be the biggest reason why Samar’s plan will fail. If Aniket just refuses to sign the papers, how will he be divorced?

Rajan might not want to look worse in society

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Rajan has been known for his ideals and his high morals. His name has already been tarnished when Megha chose to elope with Satyajit and then separate from him and come back to the Desai house. The fact that he already has a married, almost-separated daughter will play on his mind and he might not want Manasi to go through the same thing. He also is a loving father at heart and understands that Manasi loves Aniket. He will not want to separate the two and cause Manasi pain either. Hence, we think that he could oppose Samar about the divorce issue and ask him to drop it altogether!

Manasi and Aniket together, living as a married couple

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As Manasi and Aniket are living together, they are spending more time with each other and are understanding what it means to be married. They are communicating and supporting each other too. In the latest episode, we saw how Aniket calmed a restless Manasi down and told her that it was not right of Samar to bring the papers and that Rajan is the one who should be doing it. Until Rajan does or says anything, they are in the clear and she should not be frazzled by Samar. Once Manasi understands this, she and her husband can together put Samar in his place and Manasi could directly warn Samar to stay away from her family!

Do you think Samar can be successful?

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