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Neeyum Njanum 30 June 2022 Written Update : Ravi Varman Asks Sreelakshmi for Sudarshanan’s Money


July 1, 2022

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Ravi Varman asks Sreelakshmi to get Sudarshanan’s money and joins him to go and finally meet her parents. She carries an empty bag along with her. Rekha decides to join hands with her enemy to fight Sreelakshmi.

In the previous episode of Neeyum Njanum, Income Tax officers continue the raid at the Varman Company but do not find what they are looking for. They apologise to Ravi Varman. The officer tells him the information was fake and was tipped off by a lady. Ravi Varman tells the officer that he is well aware of it and knows the culprit too. He calls out Rose Mary’s name and asks her to step forward. He also asks Rajaram to hand the officers the fake currency note that reached Raghu Varman’s cabin in the form of prize money. The officers raiding Ravi Varman’s home too stop the procedure as they get a call from higher authorities that the information was a fake one.

In the next episode of Neeyum Njanum, Jose goes to Sudarshanan’s house early in the morning to have tea. He enquires if Sudarshanan is happy with last day’s sale at the food cart, to which Sudarshanan replies in the affirmative. Jose asks if he understood who it was who came to the food cart last night to buy food. He then tells Sudarshanan that it was Ravichandra Varman and his wife who were then in that location looking for someone they know. Sudarshanan is shocked to hear this. Jose is full of praises for Ravi Varman.

Ravi Varman comes downstairs and calls out to Sreelakshmi to hurry up and join him to meet her parents. He tells her that he knows where they are and it was the food they made that they ate last night. Gayathriamma asks them to go and bring them home quickly. Ravi Varman asks Sreelakshmi to get him the cash that Sudarshanan kept in the pooja room which leaves everyone in shock. Gayathriamma asks him why he needs the cash to which he replies that it is their hard-earned money and now it is time to buy back their home for them with that money. He asks Sreelakshmi to hurry n get the money. Gayathriamma reminds Sreelakshmi that it is to avoid a situation like this that she started to open up to Ravi Varman about Rekha’s incident. Meanwhile, Rekha is worried about whether someone will blurt out her name and what she did with Sudarshanan’s money. Sreelakshmi tells Gayathriamma that she has an idea, that for the time being she will carry an empty bag in her hand. Gayathriamma somehow thinks it might not work. However, Sreelakshmi does so and takes the bag down with her.

Raghu Varman thinks it is better to confess to Ravi Varman about what happened to that cash and the person responsible for it. As he begins to disclose it, Gayathriamma who was coming downstairs cuts him short and scolds him for his carelessness at the office as the reason for the raid, in an effort to change the topic. Gayathriamma scolds Raghu Varman after Ravi Varman leaves. Rekha thinks there is some unforeseen plan behind her mother-in-law supporting her.

On the way to find Sudarshanan, Sreelakshmi anticipates all possibilities of Ravi Varman learning about the money and his reaction to it. Rekha on the other hand tries to find negative intentions from Sreelakshmi’s side for the stand she is currently taking by saving her on and off. Raghu Varman tries to get some sense into her head, but in vain. He finally tells her that someday her misdeed will be out in the open and on that very day when Ravi Varman fires her he will not speak a word in her support. Rekha now decides that it is time to join hands with her enemy to wage her battle with Sreelakshmi.

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