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Mrs. Hitler 30 June 2022 Written Update : Maya Shares a Dark Chapter of Amaravathy


July 1, 2022

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Shiva overhears Gokul’s and Avinash’s conversation and loses his temper with Gokul after he hears them scheme about getting rid of him. DK scolds Shiva. Maya shares with the others about a dark past for Amaravathy wherein their mother who was full term pregnant was not allowed to enter the house by Padmavathyamma and DK.

In the previous episode of Mrs. Hitler, DK gets angry at Padmavathyamma and blames her for all the commotion in his life. He tells her that he has never considered Jyothirmayi as his better half. Jyothirmayi shares her doubt as to why DK would have dropped her off at her house without any prior warning, with Surya. DK later, goes to apologise and console Padmavathyamma. Jyothirmayi taunts DK and asks him if it was truly since he wanted her to attend Priya’s wedding that he left her at her house. She teases him in their room and tell him that if need be she will not only enter his room but also his mind. Shiva welcomes Sudhakaran home.

In the next episode of Mrs. Hitler, Jyothirmayi tells Padmavathyamma that DK is now afraid of her which is why he dropped her off at her house. She also tells that he not just afraid but is also slowly becoming jealous. Shiva calls out to DK and tells him that Sudhakaran is here to meet him. DK is nervous. Sudhakaran tells him that he is not here to talk about Priya’s wedding but instead about what is happening between DK and Jyothirmayi. He says he is worried for Jyothirmayi. DK changes the topic to Priya wedding preparations. Sudhakaran promises that he will take back Jyothirmayi home the very same day Priya’s marriage is over. Jyothirmayi overhears their conversation and is deeply hurt.

Gokul calls up Avinash and says that nothing is going as per plan and that complete responsibility of Shiva’s cure is in Jyothirmayi’s hand. Shiva hears their conversation and snatches the phone from Gokul and listens to Avinash’s side. He says it’s high time Shiva is sent back to the asylum or else it won’t be too far when they and their wives will have to leave Amaravathy. He gets violent and manhandles Gokul. Everyone come to Gokul’s rescue, including DK. DK scolds Shiva when he tells DK about the phone conversation. Maya intervenes and blames Shiva for all the commotion at home. Shiva is angered by this and scolds her. Padmavathyamma too supports Shiva. Maya does not stop at it and throws seeds of doubt as she says that Shiva is responsible for Supriya’s death too. Padmavathyamma scolds everyone including DK and ask them all to leave. Jyothirmayi and Padmavathyamma try to console a mentally hurt and disturbed Shiva.

Chitra tells Gokul that it was not right on his part to scheme against DK. Her brother is a fox in the garb of a human who does nothing but drinks blood after making two people fight with each other. Maya tells Chitra that she is now speaking Jyothirmayi’s words. She also tells that Jyothirmayi is using Chitra as a weapon against Maya and the others. Chitra warns them that it is Amaravathy that is keeping them strong and nothing else. Maya corrects her saying that they are actually the walls of Amaravathy. Maya adds to it that there is a dark story connected with their mother who came home one day, full-term, seeking refuge. And it was Padmavathyamma and DK who ousted her from the premise that very night. Balu and Gokul are hurt by what Maya says and get angry at DK.

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