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Moothon: 5 moments of brilliant acting by Sanjana Dipu in the Malayalam movie

Tom Francis

November 21, 2020

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These scenes from the Malayalam movie Moothon are every reason why Sanjana Dipu won the Award for Best Child Actor at New York Indian Film Festival.

Sanjana Dipu, who played the role of Mulla gave us some of the best moments in the Malayalam movie Moothon. With her fantastic on-screen chemistry with co-actor Nivin Pauly, Sanjana Dipu made us laugh, cry and wonder in awe with her phenomenal performance in the movie. Sanjana won the Best Child Actor’s award recently for her performance in Moothon at the New York Indian Film Festival. Here are five moments of brilliant acting from Sanjana Dipu that made us all fall in love with Mulla in the Malayalam movie Moothon.

Missed out on the Malayalam movie Moothon featuring Nivin Pauly and Sanjana Dipu? Watch it here:

#1 Mulla Is Saved By A Mermaid

Mulla gets lost underwater (source:ZEE5)
Mulla gets lost underwater (source: ZEE5)

As Mulla flees the island with Moosa’s fishing boat, he is unaware of the tough seas waiting for him. We were all left on the edge of our seats when Mulla’s fragile fishing boat is crushed by the waves. As Mulla goes adrift, he hallucinates on how he is drowning in the sea. As he opens his eyes, he meets a beautiful mermaid under the sea who saves his life. Mulla’s plight underwater was one of the best scenes in the movie and Sanjana Dipu’s magnificent acting complements it.

#2 Mulla Reaches Mumbai

A still from Moothon
A still from Moothon (source: ZEE5)

The city of Mumbai is cruel to Mulla as he is thrown back into a spiral of confusion regarding his gender identity. He is caught by the cops who admit him in an orphanage for young boys. Mulla finds it hard to survive there and learns about a prostitute named Rosy (Sobhita Dhulipala) who would, later on, help him. Mulla’s escape from the orphanage throws her back into the city’s bowels that leads her to Rosy.

#3 Mulla Finds Rosy

Mulla meets Rosy (Source:ZEE5) (1)
Mulla meets Rosy (Source: ZEE5) (1)

Rosy, essayed by Sobhita Dhulipala in the Malayalam movie Moothon, takes in Mulla as she asks for help. Understanding the young lad’s confusion, Rosy finds him a job in a nearby tea stall. Mulla presents us with some of the most gripping moments in the movie as he encounters Bhai on the streets, who then kidnaps him for recruitment.

#4 Akbar Meets Mulla

Mulla meets his Moothon (sourceZEE5) (1)
Mulla meets his Moothon (source: ZEE5)

Nivin Pauly’s marvellous transformation into Akbar Bhai is complimented by Sanjana Dipu’s portrayal of Mulla. Mulla expresses her fear of the monstrous presence of Akbar when she meets him as she is unable to understand his motives. We all were left in tears when Mulla begs of Akbar to leave him alone as he is only there to be with his Moothon.

#5 Mulla’s Search Continues

Mulla continues
Mulla continues his search for love (Source: ZEE5)

Even after understanding that Akbar is his elder brother, Mulla feels lost as the world around him confuses him. As he joins a troupe of transgenders, he finds himself home and happy. The emotional moments that follow as Mulla learns more about his gender identity leaves all of us amused at Sanjana Dipu’s brilliant acting. So, which was your favourite moment from Sanjana Dipu on the Malayalam movie Moothon? Tell us in the comments below!

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