Mika Singh Comes Up With A New Song Named KRK Kutta, Asks The Latter To Review It

Mika Singh along with Shaarib Sabri and Toshi Sabri released a special diss track for KRK titled, KRK Kutta. More details on the song inside.

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June 14, 2021

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Almost everyone in the industry and even the fans of Bollywood are well aware of Kamal R Khan who is notoriously known for the kind of reviews he gives. Recently, KRK and Mika Singh were at loggerheads after they had an online argument. In fact, Mika also claimed that when he went to KRK’s house to sort things out, the latter had fled due to the former’s fear. Now Mika who is known for his upbeat party hits has come up with a new song for KRK titled KRK Kutta, also stylized as #KRKKutta.

Mika Singh usually doesn’t promote his songs much. He believes that if his music is good, fans will love and appreciate it no matter what. And the same is what happened with his latest track, KRK Kutta. Agitated by KRK‘s comments, or just motivated by the netizens’ comments, Mika decided to make a song on KRK. And now, the song is already trending, without the actor even promoting it much.

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KRK‘s extreme reviews and unfiltered comments have earned him a lot of hatred from celebs and fans alike. After his feud with Mika Singh, netizens started tweeting with #KRKKutta. And according to the singer, that’s what inspired him to make the song along with people demanding such a song from him. The song features quite a few scenes that are meant to be a clap back at KRK for the kind of mean comments he makes.

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Moreover, Mika has openly asked KRK to review his song. However, he has clearly warned the latter from using any offensive words for the song and has said that he can comment if the beats or music need any kind of improvement. Now, what will be the KRK’s response to this? Will the infamous reviewer actually review a song made for him? Well, that’s for us to wait and watch.

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