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Meet 31 May 2023 Upcoming Story: Meet’s request to Manmeet

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June 1, 2023

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Meet and Sumeet convince Manmeet to adopt Cheeku. An agitated Bapu Sarkar finds out that Cheeku is Meet’s son. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Meet requests Manmeet to adopt Cheeku from the orphanage and make him a part of their family. Manmeet considers her request. In the meantime, Sumeet joins them and asks them if they can share their love with Cheeku leaving Meet and Manmeet surprised. Meanwhile, Gunwanti eavesdrop on their conversation and decides to create a ruckus in front of Baapu Sarkar. She rushes to Yasodha and Baapu Sarkar and informs them about Meet and Manmeet’s plan to adopt Cheeku to instigate Baapu Sarkar against Meet. Agitated Baapu Sarkar throws objects in frustration, inadvertently discovering a pendant having Meet and her deceased husband’s photo. It dawns on him that Cheeku is Meet’s biological son. Baapu Sarkar promises to himself that he will never let Meet reunite with Cheeku. Will Manmeet fulfil Meet and Cheeku’s demand? Will Meet realise the reason behind her emotional connection with Cheeku?

In the previous episode of Meet, Manmeet and Meet frantically search for Sumeet, calling out her name. Meet finds Sumeet’s shoe nearby, hinting at her presence. Meanwhile, Manmeet notices a trail of spilt oil, suspecting Sumeet intentionally left it as a clue. In the factory where Sumeet is held captive, goons torment her by breaking acid glasses. Desperate to find Sumeet, Manmeet and Meet split up and search separately. Sumeet spots Meet but fails to signal her, while Meet hears the goons and rushes inside. Kanika, one of the goons, stops Meet and inflicts physical harm. Fortunately, Manmeet arrives with the police, leading to a confrontation. Manmeet, Meet, and Sumeet reunite, embracing each other with joy. Back at Sarkar mansion, Cheeku warmly welcomes Sumeet. The family celebrates her return, but Gunwanti worries about Kanika’s capture. Meet performs a sacred ritual for Cheeku, asserting that God belongs to everyone. Later, the police officer and the new orphanage manager inform the family about the case transfer and staff changes. Sumeet requests Manmeet to let Cheeku stay, but Manmeet feels powerless. As the manager forcefully grabs Cheeku’s hand, he breaks free and rushes back to Meet, addressing her as his mother. They embrace tightly, with Sumeet joining in. Meanwhile, Mahendra and Yasodha argue about their businesses, highlighting Mahendra’s envy and Yasodha’s support for Manmeet. Sumeet pleads with Manmeet to reunite her with Cheeku, and he learns about her escape plan from the goons.

What will happen next?

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