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Meet 02 June 2023 Upcoming Story: Meet’s decision regarding Cheeku

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June 1, 2023

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The orphanage manager is not ready to hand over Cheeku to Meet, who then decides to get a DNA test done. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, the manager claims that the belongings belong to the other boy and insists he has been at the orphanage for years. Meet remains unconvinced, feeling in her heart that Cheeku is her son. She tells Manmeet that something is fishy and expresses her desire to adopt Cheeku. However, the manager denies their request, stating they cannot give them Cheeku. Meet is shocked and questions why they were previously allowed to adopt him. Meanwhile, Sarkar’s associate informs him that Meet refuses to accept the other child as her own. Determined, Sarkar insists that Meet must not get her child back under any circumstances. The manager suggests that they should take the other child since the belongings match his, but Meet insists on DNA testing before making a decision. She requests the manager to wait until evening, confident that she will be taking Cheeku home. Meanwhile, a rich lady arrives at the orphanage.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet and Manmeet tenderly adorn Meet Ahlawat’s photograph with a garland. Hoshiyar informs Masoom that Meet Ahlawat would be delighted as Meet Hooda has fulfilled Ahlawat’s factory dream. Meet envisions Ahlawat’s joy upon learning she is adopting a child resembling their son. Meanwhile, Pandit Ji calls, unable to attend and sends a substitute for the veneration. A lingering sense of being watched troubles Meet. On the other hand, Sarkar bribes someone, determined to prevent Meet from reuniting with her son. Gunwanti is shocked by the news of Cheeku’s return, while Sumeet prepares a room for him. Masoom’s daughter expresses concerns about Sumeet’s focus on Cheeku, but Manmeet assures her of Sumeet’s love. Pandit Ji is amazed to witness Meet and Manmeet together, viewing it as divine intervention. He recounts a miraculous incident when he discovered a child with a Mata-Rani locket in a flower basket six years ago. Meet’s interest intensifies as Pandit Ji describes the child, reminiscent of her own son. Hoshiyar reveals that Meet’s son was involved in the same accident. Upon mentioning the orphanage’s name, Meet clings to hope that Cheeku is her long-lost child. Overwhelmed with joy, Meet shares her treasured memories with Manmeet, displaying the belongings she had prepared for her son. Eager to bring Cheeku home, they head to the orphanage. Meet explains the situation to the manager, describing the child’s belongings from the accident. While exploring the orphanage’s storage room, Meet discovers a blanket and a photo, convinced they belong to Cheeku. However, their hopes are shattered when another child emerges with the manager. The staff member, driven by malicious intent, recalls Sarkar’s bribe to switch the children.

What will happen next?

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