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Meet 01 July 2022 Upcoming Story: Meet Ahlawat investigates whether Manjari is Meet


July 1, 2022

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Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar visit Manjiri. There, Meet Ahlawat tries to find out whether Manjari is Meet. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Manjiri gets perplexed as the bulb begins to flicker. Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar notice her. He informs Hoshiyar that if this girl is Manjiri, she will hire an electrician to fix the bulb, but if she is Meet, she will fix it herself. Later, Manjiri brings a stool to stand upon and check the bulb. This leaves Hoshiyar shocked.

In the previous episode of Meet, Manjiri notices Meet Ahlawat following her and gets puzzled. Then, Meet Ahlawat stops Manjiri from leaving the temple. Being sure that Manjiri is Meet Hooda, Meet Ahlawat holds her hand. Trying to free herself from Meet Ahlawat’s grip, Manjiri tries to walk away, but Meet Ahlawat takes hold of her dupatta. Hoshiyar tries to stop Meet Ahlawat from messing with Manjiri, but he remains adamant about gaining answers to his questions.

Soon after, Meet Ahlawat decides to visit the Hooda house to learn about Meet. There, Anubha welcomes him wholeheartedly. Just as Manushi arrives with her husband Kunal, Meet Ahlawat gets shocked. As Manushi talks about Meet’s betrayal, Meet Ahlawat leaves without asking Anubha anything about Meet. Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar reach home, where the family members desperately wait for Meet. Hoshiyar tells everyone about Manjiri and how she is different from Meet. When Hoshiyar tells the Ahlawats about the incident that took place at the temple, they get shocked. Isha conveys her opinion about Manjiri in front of everyone. Meet Ahlawat stops everyone from visiting Manjuri, but Hoshiyar gives them Manjuri’s address.

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