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Major Drama! Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir Gets Infuriated After Seeing Sid And Prachi Together In ZEE TV’s Original Show – Deets Inside


November 23, 2021

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ZEE TV’s original show Kumkum Bhagya is always high on drama. In the latest episode, Ranbir is left completely infuriated after he sees Sid and Prach together – Here’s why

ZEE TV’s original show Kumkum Bhagya is one of the best television shows. The show is much-watched by one and all and their audiences can’t stop gushing over the news. Now, in the latest episode, viewers had seen Ranbir and Prachi getting married but now their marriage has come to an end.

Reportedly, their marriage has come to an end, all thanks to Rhea and Aalia. The show had portrayed that they hated Prachi to the core and managed to separate them. However, in the previous episodes, Sushma had asked Prachi to begin her life with a fresh start. Also, she even asked Prachi to complete the project that Pragya was supposed to do.

However, Sushma’s strength gave her new hope to Prachi and she finally decided to move on. Also, Prachi decided to step in into her mother, Pragya’s shoes. She rejoins the office and leaves fans in a frenzy.

Ranbir was busy concentrating on his business and he ends up finding out about Prachi and was completely shocked. The audiences see how Prachi came to the conference room and saw Sid there after which she had immediately run away from the room. She loses her balance and falls down. Her saree’s pallu falls on Ranbir’s face and they both looked shocked after seeing each other.

In the upcoming episodes, Ranbir and Rhea will see Sid and Prachi will be seen together at a restaurant. Ranbir gets extremely furious and angry after seeing Sid and Prachi together in a restaurant. Rhea sobs saying that they are still together and also calls Sid shameless. Sid, finally tells Prachi that he will tell her the truth and keep no secrets from her anymore.

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The show Kumkum Bhagya has been making headlines because of all its characters. The show is a much-watched show on TV and we can’t deny that. The show will keep you hooked till the end of the episode and we can’t get over the show every after episode.

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