Mahi, Emily, Heer, Zarina: 4 qualities that describe Zee Punjabi’s female leads

What defines Mahi, Emily, Zarina and other Zee Punjabi female leads? Read on to know more about your favourite characters.


September 1, 2020


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Zee Punjabi has revamped entertainment. It has given a home-grown platform and stories to Punjabi audiences. With shows like Kamli Ishq Di, Tu Patang Main Dor, Khasma Nu Khani, and Heer Ranjha, Zee Punjabi has created a new dimension to Punjabi entertainment. The credit for these shows goes to the whole cast and crew, but special mention goes to the female leads. They are the ones who break stereotypes and set new benchmarks. We have already told you about the Shernis of Pollywood, jo bach gaye… un characters ki baat karte hai.

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1. Mahi is fearless

Shehnaz Saher as Mahi (Source: ZEE5)

Kamli Ishq Di‘s Mahi Bansal (Shehnaz Saher) is a fearless girl that can fight an army of baddies with sheer courage and bravery. Mahi never fears to speak the truth and always takes a strong stand against injustice. Mahi can be sweet but she can be brutally honest too. Usually, people like Lalli (Kavita Sharma) tend to stay away from Mahi as she can’t be fooled easily.

2. Heer’s loyalty is unquestionable 

Source: ZEE5

Ranjhe di Heer is as strong and precious as a heera (diamond). When Heer is friends with someone, she can fight with anybody for that person. The biggest example of her loyalty is her discontent about Nimmo‘s marriage with Kaido. She fights with her family to save her friend. In future, we are sure that Heer will prove her love for Ranjha too.

3. Emily’s bubbliness wins you over

Source: ZEE5

Vilayti Bhabhi‘s Emily (Isha Gupta) is a sweet girl that no one envies and the reason is her innocent heart. Till now, we haven’t seen Emily trying to hurt anyone or being smart with anyone. She doesn’t know how to be a smart-aleck and she always maintains a softer, goofier side. Emily has a chameleon kind of adaptability and thus she has become an ideal Punjaban. In the new episodes, you might notice a much more confident Emily and which will make her even more adorable.

4. Zarina is ahead of her time

Source: ZEE5

Tu Patang Main Dor‘s Zarina (Chetna Singh) is a girl way ahead of her time. She is an ambitious and modern girl but also respects her traditions. Zarina opposes her stepmom’s Jamila’s orthodox views, but she’s sweet enough to hear her out. Zarina dreams of becoming independent and she wants girls to be self-made.  She wants them to study, prosper, and support their families. Zarina cares a lot about others and that’s what makes her special.

This is our take on Zee Punjabi’s actresses. What do you think? Share your views in the comment section below.

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