LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors Reviews: Viewers Feel That The Show Is A Complete Package Of Intriguing Plot And Good Performances

Take a look at what the critics and the netizens are saying while singing praises for the latest ZEE5 Original, LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors. Read reviews.

LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors, the latest mystery thriller series on ZEE5 is getting a lot of love from the critics and the audiences. The viewers cannot stop praising the engaging plot and the unseen twists. The performances of all the cast members are also getting a lot of love. Take a look at some of the reviews for LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors.

The Times of India rated the show 3/5 stars, calling it a healthy dose of entertainment and intrigue. The review also praised the screenplay and direction, saying, “It’s an ambitious scale to capture in a restricted setting of a hospital, but the urgency with which it is dealt with, is commendable. There’s literally no dull moment as the needle of suspicion keeps hovering over just about everyone.”

A still from Love Scandal And Doctors
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Film critic Joginder Tuteja, on the Rediff website, reviewed LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors and rated it 4/5 stars. Praising the engaging plot of the show with its twists, the review said, “When the core story works, everything else is secondary, and this holds true in the case of LSD. It keeps you engrossed right through, with the needle of suspicion move to every character in the story.”

A still from Love Scandal And Doctors
Source: ZEE5

The IndiaForums website also praised the show, saying, “Love, Scandal & Doctors is a murder mystery worth your while. The talented cast, the cliffhangers, the mystery, the authenticity, all of it tied together makes LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors a very interesting watch for one and all.”

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Even the celebrities are loving the show. Take a look at what the actor Shantanu Maheshwari said about the show on his Twitter handle.

Actor Rohan Mehra, who is all set to star in the next ZEE5 show Crashh, also loved the show LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors and shared his praises in this video.


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Just like the critics and the celebrities, the netizens are also sharing their praises for the show. Take a look:





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