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LSD: Love Scandal & Doctors Review: An Engaging Medical Saga That Explores The Horrors Beyond A Hospital Room!

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February 5, 2021

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Being a blend of a gripping storyline and well-written characters, Love Scandal and Doctors is a well-executed medical thriller that keeps you glued to your screens till the very last frame.

In a shady hospital room, a patient is lying dead on his bed, and five resident doctors are trying to cover up their act. This is the opening sequence of Saqib Pandor’s latest release Love, Scandal, And Doctors. Within the first few frames, a perfect mood for a medical mystery or arguably a whodunit is created which draws you in for a thrilling ride ahead.

LSD revolves around the story of five medical students who excitingly get into an internship program in KMRC hospital, Delhi. Well, rather than just being a learning experience, their internship turns quite competitive and five individuals battle among themselves while also dealing with their inner demons. Their hunger games throughout the internship land them on the wrong side of the law.

There’s Kartik (Ishaan Khanna) who has an intense drive of being a top-most doctor but also gets targeted for being the son of the hospital’s dean Dr Rana (Rahul Dev). The other one is Sara (Tanaya Sachdeva), a free-spirited middle-class girl who’s ready to go to any level to accomplish her big dreams, and the rest of them include Vik (Siddharth Menon), Rahima (Srishti Ganguli), and Kabir (Ayush Shrivastava).

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The show draws an oscillation between time frames, one through flashbacks that define each character and sets the base for this medical whodunnit, the other one goes on in present where inspector Tavish (Punit Pathak) tries to decode the mystery behind the missing patient no. 36, Asif. After a series of events, the personal connection between Asif and these five interns come to light. 

While Tavish’s investigation leads him to the “hidden” dead body, Saqib creates a perfect stage for a murder mystery, making viewers excited for the drama ahead. Each character carries an intriguing part and has a reasonable cause, be it personal revenge, greed, etc. Their personas shift from evils to heroes and vice versa, keeping us guessing till the very last minute of the show. Each character has a past story which adds more to the realistic tone of this suspense-driven drama.

The story goes beyond hospital room horror and tends to explore some relevant themes be it related to the politics in the medical field or the clash of egos between two individuals belonging to the same profession. While Tanaya’s performance as an evil Sara steals the show in LSD, Siddharth’s emotional Vik and Ishaan’s inspiring Kartik do justice to the engaging storyline. 

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Punit Pathak’s Delhi cop Tavish keeps each and every character on their toes with his bold persona. Rahul Dev’s character of Dr Rana comes out as a surprise in the end revealing new secrets. The show then shifts its spotlight to Dr Rana and his mysterious past life which ultimately sets the tone for a gripping climax.

Saqib maintains the consistency of suspense throughout the plot with his command of storytelling and his appealing direction. Each episode is crafted with minute details that are accompanied by stable camera-work. The style of cinematography keeps you hooked to each and every frame, creating a sense of tension among the viewers. To add a perfect mood to the mystery, a haunting background score seeps in each and every crucial moment in the story.

Overall, the drama in LSD keeps you involved in looking out for clues, trying to solve the mystery. But interesting twists and turns leave you surprised through each passing episode. Love Scandal and Doctors is a well-executed medical thriller that keeps you glued to your screens till the very last frame.

The show ended on a vague-yet-interesting note and hence we can expect an interesting second season of the show.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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