Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun Seizes Tea Meant For Beirut Blast Victims, Says It Was A Personal Gift From Sri Lanka

Critics slammed Aoun for his improper actions and said that this is a classic example of corruption and mismanagement. 

Neel Raju Nalawade

September 11, 2020

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Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun has found himself at the centre of a new political scandal. According to the latest news reports, the Lebanon President distributed the tea which was donated by Sri Lanka for victims of the Beirut blast to the families of his presidential guards. Sources state that Sri Lanka had donated around 1,675 kilograms of tea for Beirut blast victims. It is also alleged that none of the tea reached any of the blast survivors. Aoun was bashed for his improper actions and critics say that this is a classic example of corruption and mismanagement.

The Lebanon President had different views on this incident. He said that the tea was a personal gift to him from Sri Lanka and he did nothing wrong by distributing it among his presidential guards. Sri Lanka has backed this argument by stating that the President has the right to do anything he wants with the tea.

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