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Kundali Bhagya 27 December 2021 Upcoming Story: Preeta makes a revelation about Mahesh’s wealth


December 25, 2021

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Preeta reveals to everyone that Mahesh had transferred the power of attorney to her name. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she had planned a puja before the birthday party. She explains that this will help to convince the Luthras that marrying Karan to Payal, disguised as Natasha, is beneficial for them. Meanwhile, Preeta keeps thinking about Prithvi and Mona’s atrocities and visits a temple to come out of a dilemma. After talking to the goddess idol about her dilemma she gets a sign that helps her decide to return to the Luthra Mansion. Before the puja begins, Kritika gets a text message about Preeta’s expected arrival. Prithvi learns about it by eavesdropping on Kritika and Rakhi’s conversation.

Rakhi convinces an intoxicated Karan to attend the puja and brings him to the living room. During the puja, the sage makes a prediction that the fate of the Luthras has changed. Prithvi lashes out at him when he says that the arrival of the Luthras’ daughter-in-law will change their fate. Payal and Sherlyn, assuming that the sage is referring to Payal, get hopeful after hearing this. Rakhi tells the sage that the fate of the Luthras has already changed a lot. However, he tells Rakhi that this upcoming change is for everyone’s good. Suddenly, the power outage takes place and Prithvi scolds Sameer for trying to check it on Karan’s behalf.

Preeta opens the main gate of the Luthra Mansion with the intention to enter the house. She walks on the ‘alta’ spread on the floor and leaves her footprint everywhere like a newlwed bride. Prithvi, Sherlyn and Kareena, who were busy with the puja, are stunned to see Preeta arrive there. Dadi and Kareena lose their cool, but Kritika explains the reason behind Preeta’s visit. Rakhi apologises to Preeta for the past and the latter treates her wounds. Later, Preeta tells Prithvi, in everyone’s presence, that Mahesh had transferred the power of attorney to her name. She claims that she is the righful owner of all the wealth that belongs to the Luthras. Kareena, Prithvi and Sherlyn are shocked to hear this and remain speechless. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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