Kundali Bhagya 22 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Preeta’s threat frightens Sandeep

Preeta, Srishti and Sameer threaten Sandeep to testify in Rishabh’s favour. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


October 23, 2021

Kundali Bhagya

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In the next episode, Sandeep and Sudeepa run away from the bazaar to escape Preeta. Srishti and Sarla are surprised to learn from Preeta about Karan’s sudden visit to Pune. Sarla suggests Preeta to visit Sandeep at the hospital. The visit the hospital to look for Sandeep, who is missing from his room. Surprisingly, he and Sudeepa meet Preeta in the corridor of the hospital. They lie to Preeta that Sudeepa had taken Sandeep out on a wheelchair for some fresh air. Preeta and Srishti return home disappointed. Adding to their misery, Kareena lashes out at Preeta. Preeta expresses her displeasure when Kareena criticises Sarla’s upbringing methods. Kareena takes it as misbehaviour and decides to inform Karan about it.

At the hospital, Sudeepa reminds Sandeep to extract money from Prithvi at the earliest. Sandeep calls Prithvi to ask for the money promised to him. He assures Sandeep to pay him the money soon and then devises a plan to steal money from Rishabh’s business. At Rishabh’s office, the cashier refuses to process the payment transfer of INR 80 lakh into Prithvi’s account. Prithvi manages to get the money with a few sly tricks, but gets stuck in traffic. Sandeep suspects all of Prithvi’s issues to be excuses to avoid paying him. Soon, Sandeep decides to talk to Preeta, who coincidentally follows him to a factory. Srishti and Sameer arrive there to help Preeta. She eavesdrops on Sandeep and then records his movements on her phone.

Prithvi meets Sherlyn in a room of the Luthra House to scold her for being of no help to him. She feels hurt when Prithvi says that Kritika is proving to be more helpful than her. He reminds Sherlyn that he had gotten her to marry Rishabh to help him against the Luthras. In no time, he praises his own efforts to hamper the Luthras and puts Sherlyn down. Meanwhile, Preeta, Srishti and Sameer go back to the hospital to confront Sandeep there. As expected, lying on a bed, he pretends to be gerviously injured in front of them. Preeta threatens him to testify in Rishabh’s favour and confess the truth. He gets scared to hear Preeta’s threat that she will have him jailed if he refuses to do as they say. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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