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Kundali Bhagya 17 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Nagre’s recruits inform Prithvi about Preeta’s death


January 17, 2022

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Nagre’s recruits video call Prithvi and he rejoices over the news of Preeta’s death. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Nagre and Prithvi go a room and the former suggests Prithvi to be careful of Preeta. Prithvi vents out his frustration on him, which begins an argument. He soon comes up with a plan and asks Nagre to help him execute it. Prithvi comes to the living room and deliberately picks up a fight with Preeta. Nagre joins him and goes too close to Preeta, which forces her to push him back to defend herself. He gets Preeta arrested by falsely accusing her of trying to kill him. Nagre and Prithvi feel victorious after the police take Preeta away. Meanwhile, Sameer and Karan are heading towards home. Sameer tells Karan that Preeta is right by asking him to start his cricket practice again.

Karan stops his car to buy a new cricket bat for his practice. Preeta and Karan cross paths but both fail to see each other. Karan returns home and keeps asking Rakhi for Preeta. Prithvi arrogantly tells him that she has been arrested. Karan asks Prithvi to stay out of the conversation between him and his mother. He warns Prithvi to stop when the latter speaks ill about Preeta. Soon, Karan hits Prithvi and their heated argument turns into a scuffle. Kareena, Payal and Rakhi take Karan to a room to tend to his wounds. Meanwhile, Kritika takes Prithvi to his room to tend to his wounds. Prithvi decides to use Kritika to get all the Luthras in his favour. Sherlyn secretly enters the room after Kritika leaves. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that they no longer need to meet secretly or fear anyone.

Sherlyn overhears Prithvi getting updated by Nagre’s recruits about Preeta being killed. After the call, they lock Preeta in the vehicle and push it down the cliff. After a while, they video call Prithvi to show him Preeta’s state. Prithvi rejoices over the news of Preeta’s death. In the corridor, Karan tells Sameer that Preeta has been arrested because of false charges by Nagre. They decide to visit the police station to bail Preeta out. Sherlyn, who was eavesdropping on them, comes out after they leave. At the police station, Karan and Sameer are shocked to learn from a police inspector that no one has been arrested. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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