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Kundali Bhagya 14 January 2022 Written Update: Nagre’s recruits push Preeta off a cliff


January 19, 2022

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A few goons, disguised as the police officers, lock Preeta in a vehicle and push it off a cliff. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Nagre laughs at Preeta for getting her arrested so easily, and Preeta says that it was a very childish move. Preeta assures Prithvi and Nagre that she will be back in a few hours. Prithvi challenges her that he will get everyone arrested who will try to help her. Nagre takes a leave after the police take Preeta away. In the living room, Rakhi’s decision to defend Preeta against Nagre is opposed by Dadi, Kareena, Kritika and Sherlyn. Unaware of all this, Karan and Sameer are heading towards home. On the way, Sameer tells Karan that Preeta is right and he should abide by her. Karan seconds Sameer’s opinion and decides to buy a cricket bat to start his practice again. He stops the car and Preeta passes by in a police vehicle, but they fail to see each other. Karan and Sameer return home and ask Rakhi for Preeta. Prithvi comes there to arrogantly reveal to him that Preeta has been arrested. Karan and Prithvi get into a heated argument when the latter speaks ill about Preeta.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta keeps thinking about the conversation with Nagre. She feels that probably she has made a mistake by provoking Nagre. Meanwhile, the police vehicle stops at a check post which frightens the police officers with Preeta. A lady officer sitting next to Preeta tries to flee saying that she doesn’t want to get into any mess. Preeta gets shocked to hear her say this and in a moment, the other officers begin to panic as a few officers head towards the vehicle.

Preeta begins to suspect the police officers to be Nagre’s recruits, disguised as the police, after they flee from there. They get irritated by her frequent questions and reveal their true identities. Two real police officers begin to chase their vehicle and Preeta shouts for help. On the way, they meet with an accident when Nagre’s recruits deliberately stop the vehicle. They immediately take Preeta to a secluded place and fire a gun at her.

At the Luthra Mansion, Karan and Prithvi get into a scuffle when Prithvi speaks ill about Preeta. Kareena, Payal and Rakhi look after Karan and Kritika tends to Prithvi’s wounds. Prithvi thinks about getting the Luthras to believe in him once again by using Kritika. After she leaves, Kareena secretly enters Prithvi’s room to check on him. Prithvi arrogantly tells her that they don’t need to hide from anyone. Prithvi learns from Nagre’s recruits that Preeta is dead. Preeta offers them to pay double if they let her go but they lock her in the vehicle and push it down a cliff.

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