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Kundali Bhagya 03 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Prithvi tells Sherlyn his plan to deal with Preeta


January 3, 2022

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Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he needs to overpower Preeta to gain his control back. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Prithvi and the Luthras oppose Preeta taking charge of the Luthra Mansion. She replies that whoever dislikes her as the owner can leave the house. Karan, under a state of intoxication, falls unconscious while talking to Preeta. The Luthras take him to Dadi’s room. Rakhi tells everyone that Preeta is back to teach Prithvi a lesson, but nobody believes her. Sameer says that Preeta owning the house is still better than Prithvi being the owner. Payal, posing as Natasha, taunts Sameer about Preeta’s actions. At night, Preeta decides to go to the basement to meet Mahesh secretly.

Rakhi meets Preeta in the corridor and asks her for the reason behind all her actions. She assures Preeta that she can talk to her openly and promises to keep it a secret. However, Preeta refrains from revealing her plan to Rakhi. As asked by Preeta, Girish begins to throw Prithvi’s belongings out of his room. Prithvi arrives there and stops Girish from doing so. Sherlyn goes to Prithvi’s room to calm him down. However, she waits outside to eavesdrop on his conversation. Prithvi shouts at Nagre, one of his recruits, over the phone for not getting the complete property transfer papers. Nagre assures him that his launch event will not fail because of Preeta’s arrival.

Preeta sees Karan sleeping in Dadi’s room while looking for Mahesh. She goes close to Karan to check on him and recalls him professing his love to her. After checking all the rooms, Preeta decides to go to the basement to check on Mahesh. She locks Mona in her room, but the latter learns about it and shouts for help. Preeta gets angry to see Mahesh’s state and vows to punish Prithvi for this. Prithvi meets Sherlyn and tells her that he needs to overpower Preeta to gain control over the house back. In a room, Preeta decides to act tough in order to avoid being outsmarted by Prithvi. She overhears Sherlyn telling Payal about her suspicions. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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