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Kumkum Bhagya 21 December 2023 Upcoming Story: Rajvansh to take his revenge

Sainidhi Iyer

December 28, 2023

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Purvi saves Rajvansh’s life and confides in him about suspecting that Jasbir had attacked him out of jealousy. Rajvansh tells Purvi that he will take his revenge and make her hate him. What will Rajvansh’s revenge be?

In the next episode, Rajvansh tells Purvi that he will be taking his revenge on her and that she will hate him for the situation that he is about to put her in. The butler argues with Prachi over her comment about being Krishna’s wife. He angrily tells her that her humour is not welcome and that he assumed Purvi was Krishna’s daughter.

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ashutosh’s grandmother suspects that Prachi had sent a wedding alliance to Jasbir and emphasises that Ashutosh is the best choice for Purvi. Soon, Jasbir goes to Ashutosh’s place and asks him to stay away from Purvi. He then falls at Prachi’s feet to seek her blessings but Prachi shows him his place by slapping him twice. She tells him that the first slap was for trying to torment Purvi during her engagement and the second one was for his attempt to forcefully link Purvi to him. Later, Jasbir warns Prachi against misbehaving with him post-marriage and scolds Suresh, Ashutosh’s father, for taking a stand against him. Ashutosh’s grandmother learns that Jasbir had sent a wedding alliance to Prachi in the past. Later, Jasbir promises to replace Ashutosh at the wedding altar, marry Purvi and kill Ashutosh’s family. Prachi finally accepts Ashutosh’s apology and makes amends. Purvi arrives at Krishna’s place with Rajvansh and Krishna’s butler mistakes Rajvansh for Purvi’s fiance. Manpreet and Diya express their concern about Prachi making amends with Ashutosh’s family. Purvi calls Prachi and tells her that Ashutosh is unconscious and that she is at Krishna’s place. Prachi senses that Purvi is traumatised because of Rajvansh’s condition and plans to join Purvi in a bid to bolster her courage. Eventually, Krishna tells Purvi about his professional differences with Rajvansh but lauds his character. Purvi tells Krishna that she has asked her mother to come and asks him if he minds. Krishna recalls his interaction with Purvi’s mother on the phone but still tells Purvi that he does not mind. Soon, Rajvansh regains consciousness and holds Purvi’s hand. Purvi tells him how she happened to learn about his accident and saved him. Prachi arrives at Krishna’s house and rings the bell repeatedly, Krishna approaches the door but his butler slips and distracts him. Purvi opens the gate instead and Krishna comes face to face with Prachi.

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