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Kumkum Bhagya 03 November Upcoming Story: Abhi removes the ‘mangalsutra’ from Tanu’s neck


November 1, 2021

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A furious Abhi confronts Alia and Tanu and removes the ‘mangalsutra’ from Tanu’s neck, leaving the duo shocked. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the prosecutor asks Abhi if he can prove that he did not order Subhash, the contractor, to break the wall. Abhi negates his statement but the lawyer states that Abhi deliberately passed the order so that Pragya could claim the insurance money. The judge holds Abhi guilty, while Alia pleads with Gaurav to provide the proof that could acquit Abhi. Though Gaurav refuses to do so, Pragya barges into the courtroom and promises to bring new evidence to light. She introduces Santosh, Subhash’s cousin, who states that Gaurav is the culprit and not Abhi. Pragya also displays video evidence that proves that Gaurav and Subhash committed the crime. Considering the new evidence, the judge acquits Abhi and passes the order for Gaurav’s and Subhash’s arrest. Elated, Abhi and Pragya embrace each other and thank Santosh for their help. Meanwhile, feeling cheated by Gaurav and worried for Abhi, Alia loses her cool and Tanu tries to pacify her. At the Kohli house, Ranbeer tries to prepare a decoction for Prachi, who is suffering from cold and cough. On seeing him struggling in the kitchen, Pallavi decides to help him but reiterates that she still dislikes Prachi. Later, Rhea tries to pester Ranbeer, who loses his cool and states that he can never trust her over Prachi. Rhea declares her love for Ranbeer and states that she can go to any lengths to achieve her goal. In the meantime, Gaurav believes that he has defeated Abhi and Pragya, unaware of the turn of events.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea deliberately falls into Ranbeer’s arms and Prachi sees them. Meanwhile, Abhi tells Alia and Tanu that he considers Pragya’s enemies as his own and removes the ‘mangalsutra’ from Tanu’s neck.

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