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Kumkum Bhagya 01 July 2022 Upcoming Story: Prachi leaves the house!


July 1, 2022

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For the betterment of her child, Prachi decides to move out of the house and leave the Kohli family. She decides that moving on is better for her child. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, when Rhea walks into their room, Ranbeer keeps his distance. Rhea suspects Ranbeer is sleeping and answers Alia’s call, informing her that their plan did not go as planned and that Prachi is not like her mother. Ranbeer is intrigued and decides to look into Rhea. Meanwhile, Sahana speaks with Prachi, who expresses regret for not informing Ranbeer and the other family members about the pregnancy. Prachi expresses her regrets and is self-conscious. Prachi sobs as she realises her unborn child will not receive the love it deserves, and it is all her fault. Sahana comforts her and reminds her that she must now fight for her child. Ranbeer approaches Rhea and attempts to overhear her conversation. Alia suggests that they meet on the terrace, but Rhea runs into Pallavi, who convinces her to participate in the ritual. Rhea hesitates but joins her, while Ranbeer runs into his father, who tells him that Prachi and he had a fight, and that while he was drunk, he mistook Rhea for Prachi. His father reassures him and says he knows he will correct his error soon. Later, Pallavi and Rhea enter Daljeet’s room, and Pallavi requests that she perform the same ritual she did when she was younger. Daljeet does so while Rhea sits hesitantly, and Daljeet later mentions that she performed the ritual to assist her family. Meanwhile, Prachi informs Sahana of the reason Rhea has come to see her. Prachi mentions that Rhea spoke wisely, and Ranbeer arrives to speak with Prachi and tell her about Rhea and her phone call, but Sahana attempts to oust him. Ranbeer speaks with Prachi and expresses his love for her, but Prachi interjects, stating that she will not leave the house and will fight for what is rightfully hers. Ranbeer concurs, but Prachi refuses to listen to him and walks away. Rhea overhears Ranbeer and Prachi and later confronts Alia about her suggestion.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi feels that she has nothing left with the Kohli family anymore and she should leave the house for her child. Prachi leaves the house when Ranbeer is sleeping and decides to move ahead in her life. 

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