Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay 04 November 2020 Written Update: Radhika supports Bably

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November 5, 2020


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In the previous episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay,  Karna and Radhika expose Joy in front of the Sen family. Bably tells Joy that she hates him. The  women of the Sen family and Moni slap Joy for his deeds.

Watch what will happen next on Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay:

In this episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Adinath tells Karna that he will appeal in court so that Joy gets severe punishment. When Joy pushes Karna on Radhika and runs away, Adinath assures the Sens that Joy will be caught by the police.

Radhika thanks the Sens for trusting her plan to nab Joy. Bably panics when Joy escapes. She says that Joy will return and surely kill her. After the immersion of Goddess Durga, Radhika sits with Bably and tries to calm her down.

Payal tries to scare Anurdha about Bably’s condition. Radhika tells her that Bably has slept off. Radhika says that the full family will have to cheer her up and bring her back to her normal state. Payel accuses Radhika of bringing disturbance in the Sen house. Anuradha defends Radhika and tells Payel that she had known about Radhika’s plan.

Radhika says that she will bring Bably back to her normal self. The men of the Sen house return after the immersion. Radhika wishes everyone ‘Shubho Bijoya’ but Adinath doesn’t bless her. Anuradha tells Adinath that Radhika is the one who saved Bably.

Adinath informs everyone about a business deal. He asks Arghya to discuss about the details of the deal with him. When Karna gives the holy sari to Anuradha, she says that Radhika is the one who deserves it.

Later, when Karna enters his room, he imagines Radhika standing there, asking him to make her wear the earring.

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