Kavita Kaushik Shares Why She Didn’t Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi; ‘Only God Pulls Us Out Of Our Self Made Barriers

Kavita Kaushik is finally seen celebrating Ganeshotsav with friends, at her new home after five years


September 12, 2021

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Kavita Kaushik’s father’s death in 2016 broke her trust in God making her no longer believe in him and she put a barrier around in for five years. The time of festivities have started and Kavita is seen celebrating in full spirits with friends Kapil Sharma along with his wife and Bharti Singh. She also shared an image with Kapil’s mother.


On speaking about the reason of not celebrating Ganeshotsav in an elaborative way she said,”Something broke in 2016 when my father died, I discontinued bringing Bappa home, maybe I was fighting with my Mahadev ‘you took away my dad I won’t love your son’. I lost my fire to achieve, my zeal, my ambition. But God made us and only God pulls us out of our self made barriers. Today I can’t thank the lord above for the love I’ve received in abundance, I had never thought il get love and care like my papa showered on me, we bring back Bappa into our new home after a 5 years break and Bappa made me bring him not just at home but carrying him in my arms on national TV. Although I’m yet to finish my cameo and go back home to my celebrations my wonderful friends made sure I don’t miss home or Bappa’s Darshan! Thank you @kapilsharma and @sambhavnasethofficial for all the love.”


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Kavita became famous with the comedy show FIR, in which she essayed the role of a Haryanvi police inspector. The show ran for nearly nine years from 2006-2015.


It’s beginning of what we call the best quarter of the year with back to back festivities which bring everyone together and spread joy, happiness and sprinkle smiles. A lot of new beginnings too start their journey during this auspicious phase and there’s only love and light around

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