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Kavita Kaushik Raises The Board For Help As Indian Idol Doctor Goes Missing


September 12, 2021

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Amit Sharma, who’s was doctor on set of Indian Idol has gone missing since oast few days, Kavita Kaushik seeks help

Social media has been a boon as there are millions of users who use it daily and ones with a great number of following can also help in certain cases and the same way Kavita Kaushik has used her social media to find Amit Sharma who was a doctor on sets of Indian Idol for 20 years and has gone missing. The actress also shares more information about his unnatural behaviour.

Her first tweet said,”ATTENTION PLS…This is Doctor Amit Sharma, He has treated several actors since 20 yrs and was also the set doctor of Indian idol and more! HE IS MISSING since the last 5 days, his mother is howling, cops have been informed too! Pls help find him and inform us if anyone has seen him.”

When fans cross-checked on certain points, Kavita replied to those too. Several fans and known faces have lended their helping hand on this. Amit’s mother is in poor mental condition and has assumed that maybe her son(Amit) is no more. Kavita has also been constantly sharing updates related to the case and the ones following it closely are doing their best to help the mother-son meet.

Amit’s behavior was mysterious and aloof since sometime, left without his wallet and mobile, he had even lost his speech and not eaten for the last 3 days! Now it’s been 8 days in that state, How is he surviving?

In another tweet, Kavita gave everyone more details of his age. The FIR actress also asked anyone who got a clue to his whereabouts to get in touch with her through Twitter as she is in touch with his mother.

This is truly heartbreaking and we hope that Amit is safe wherever he is. We hope the power of social media impacts positively for the family.

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