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Katrina Kaif And Other Actresses Who Had The Most Obsessive Stalkers


September 25, 2021

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Bollywood actresses are beautiful and famous. They have many admirers worldwide, but sometimes things take an ugly turn when fans become obsessive.

Bollywood actresses are always in the limelight. They do not have a private life due to hindrances by the media and fans. Some of them openly share their life with the world. But at times, people think they’re very close to these stars because of all the things they know about them. Call it an exchange for fame, but there are times when stars are given the wrong kind of attention, and their lives are in danger. Here are actresses who got stalked–

Katrina Kaif

Bollywood’s beauty and one of the most beloved actresses, Katrina Kaif, found herself stalked by an Obsessive fan for nine months. The stalker followed her everywhere she went, be it shoots or functions. He came to a promotional event where Katrina had to give a press interview in Mumbai. Katrina’s security finally managed to nab him, but she never filed a complaint against him.

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon revealed that she had a stalker who claimed that she was his wife when the actress was married to Anil Thadani already. Her stalker then thought it was his duty to protect the actress from every other man and threw stones at Raveena’s husband, Anil’s car. It was later found that the fan had a mental disorder and needed medical help. Raveena decided to help the fan and end the matter on good terms. That makes her kind.

Shruti Hassan

The beautiful actress once had to play the role of her own hero when she was attacked by a stalker who walked straight inside her apartment and rang the doorbell at night. The stalker grabbed her by the throat, but the actress fought back and slammed the door shut. She called the police, and the stalker turned out to be a spot boy from her film sets. This incident made headlines.

We think being a celebrity is all about fun, but we believe these actresses are kind and brave for having handled the situation very well.

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