Kapil Sharma Cheating Case: Car Designer Dilip Chhabria’s Son Bonito Chhabria Arrested By The Police

Last Year Dilip Chhabria was under the claws of law and this time son Bonito gets under the claws for cheating Comedian Kapil Sharma for Rs 5.3 Crores


September 25, 2021

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Looks like trouble has forgotten the Chhabria’s address. After Dilip Chhabria, a famous car designer was caught by the police for a multi-crore car financing scam, son Bonito Chhabria has also been arrested for cheating on Kapil Sharma for Rs. 5.3 Crores. According to the reports that have come in fresh, Kapil had given a contract to design a vanity bus for him and paid 5.3 Crores between March and May 2017. However, there was no progress made till 2019, Sharma had approached the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT).

Chhabria also sent a bill of 1.2 crores charged as parking charges of the vanity to Kapil Sharma.

During the investigation of the case, the role of Bonito Chhabria came to light. Therefore, he was called for questioning and later placed under arrest by the crime branch. Last year, the Mumbai crime branch had arrested Dilip Chhabria in connection with a multi-crore car financing scam.

Dilip Chhabria was arrested by the Mumbai Police in December 2020 on charges of fraudulent financing and forgery. As per media reports, his company was accused of buying multiple units of the DC Avanti sportscar it produced and securing loans for the same from Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), which it did not intend to repay. The cars were then sold off to unsuspecting customers.

Chhabria in his defense pins the blame on his ex-partner and co-investor in DC Designs Pvt. Ltd. (DCDPL), namely Mr Kiran Mulchand, who had a controlling 52 percent share in the said company. He mentions that Mulchand had assured an infusion of Rs 150 crores in DCDPL to help the company manufacture sports cars. He also mention that the future projects will now be under the ‘DC2’ corporate structure, which is 100 percent owned by his family and therefore not subject to any disruption going forward.

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