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Kamali: Will Anika Stop Kamali And Rishi’s Wedding?


October 15, 2020

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Here are the most interesting turns in the show that you must know about!

In the previous episodes of Kamali, Rishi confronts Anika and decides that he will marry Kamali as soon as possible at the temple that they have been visiting for many years now. Ajji is happy to hear the same while Anika leaves the room furious with the situation. They seek blessings from all the elder members who tell them that they will start making all the arrangements so that the wedding can take place successfully.

This week, two major events have taken place in the show Kamali. Once Rishi leaves, Anika goes to Kamali who is seated near her mother’s photo and is crying as she is confused about the whole situation. Anika sees that Ajji has given her a plate with a silk saree, flowers, jewellery and a nuptial chain. This angers Anika even more and she takes the entire plate and throws it. Kamali is caught off-guard as she does not know how to react.

Before she can even say anything, Anika threatens her and asks her why she would agree to everything that Shambu had said about her. She also tells her that she will regret the same as she has defied everything that she has told her to do. Kamali begins to cry and asks her what she wants from her. Anika tells her that she will not allow Rishi and her to get married as she will go any extent to stop the same from happening.

Tara gets her diary back












At home, Tara and Ramesh are talking to each other about the marriage wherein Tara tells him that she is not happy with the decision that is being made. Ramesh is trying to console her when Rishi and Rachana walk into the room. Rachana tells her that she has a surprise for her and ends up giving her the diary that Ambi had returned. Tara tells them that it was lost in the car and there is no way that it could have come back home. Rishi recalls seeing Ambi from afar when the police were chasing her and seeing her again outside his house. He suspects that she came inside to return the diary.

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